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Fort Stevens State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-Friendly Trails at Fort Stevens State Park in Oregon 


Fort Stevens State Park in Oregon is a paradise for those who cherish outdoor activities, especially horse riding. Sprawled out on approximately 4,300 acres with a network of well-maintained trails, it's an idyllic setting where equestrians can meander through the park and take in nature's beauty. This guide will outline some of the park's horse-friendly trails.


1. **South Jetty Area**


   Consisting of both sand and track, the South Jetty Area offers riders a unique and diverse trail. Here, you can take your horse out onto the sandy beach for a shoreline ride, or stick to the more established paths. 


2. **Trestle Bay**


   The Trestle Bay trail is a scenic and accessible trail. Running next to the eponymous Trestle Bay, riders can appreciate views of the estuary and the surrounding forest. The trail will take you and your horse on a beautiful and serene journey with the bay at your side.


3. **Coffenbury Lake**


   Coffenbury Lake trail is perfect for a relaxed ride around the picturesque freshwater lake. Encircled by towering trees, the trail offers a peaceful yet invigorating ride. 


Please note, riders are advised to always respect the rules, regulations, and other park visitors. All riders should adhere to local horse riding regulations and always ensure they leave no trace behind to protect the natural beauty of the park.


Remember, trail availability may vary seasonally, and it's best to check the current conditions of the trails before embarking on your ride. 


For more detailed information about the trails at Fort Stevens State Park, visit the Oregon State Parks official page which provides comprehensive and reliable information (source:



1. Oregon State Parks:


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