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Go Camping With Horse Riding
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Are you looking forward to going for a horse camping or horse riding trail adventure? If your answer is yes, this detailed blog post is designed for people like you. Here, we will inform you about some of the most important things that will help you prepare well for your trip. So, now let's move further in our discussion by talking about the details:

Horse Camping: Key Things To Bear In Mind To Make The Most Out Of Your Trip

When planning a horse camping adventure, you should prepare for it to avoid any hassles. In this regard, there are many other considerations that you need to make. It includes the following:

  • Prepare Your Horse

One of the first steps is to start conditioning your horse early, as a camping trip can be strenuous for them. If your horse is not adequately trained or conditioned, it will fail to perform well in the journey. So, training your horse is the first thing you need to do. It will make them ready for the trip. 

It would help determine whether your horse is mentally and physically prepared for it. Ensuring they are adequately fit for long trail rides is an absolute must. If the horse you plan to ride is already a veteran trail equine, then it is well and good. 

But if not, you must consider conditioning and training them before starting your trip. Besides being physically fit, your horse should also possess some basic skills crucial for safety, especially in a remote area. Below are mentioned some of the skills which your horse should necessarily have:


  • Deal with hurdles like bridges, gates, logs, brush, and water crossings. 
  • Halt, stand patiently, leg-yield, and back up. 
  • Negotiate steep descents and ascents. 

Along with physical preparation, mental preparation is also essential. Your horse should be comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings and around other horses. It should behave well, so you do not have to deal with significant issues. 

You can try building your horse's confidence by desensitizing it to the many sounds, sights, and obstacles they are expected to come across on the trail and around the camp. 

  • Plan Your Trip Well

Once you settle on a destination, you must thoroughly research its trails and facilities. You will come across many equestrian camping options by doing an online search. The amenities which are provided at equestrian campgrounds significantly differ. 

Some may have hitching posts, horse water sources, etc., whereas others may lack these facilities. So, before starting your trip, you should first get a clear idea about this. Even if you find water available at the campsite, bringing your own and saving it for any emergency is also recommended. 

You can even pick out a destination that offers open camping. Open camping can work out for you well, in case you are self-contained. It also includes providing water for your horse. So, it is always ideal to choose the camping destination depending on your preference. 

Once you are done choosing a destination, you should inquire whether the trails are easily accessible from the campsite or not. You can even check for other information, such as if the campground requires any reservations or if they charge any extra fee, especially if your group is large or over a holiday weekend. 

Finally, with the approaching of your departure date, it is always recommended to check the weather reports of the area where you have decided to travel. Also, it would be best if you packed accordingly. 

  • Pack The Essentials

The next important thing is to pack all the essentials. Your backpack should contain all the items that you are required to need on your journey. So, as you are packing up, don't forget to take these essentials with you, which include:


  • First-Aid Kits: Always pack a first-aid kit for your horse and you. Consult with your veterinarian about what medicines to include in your box. 
  • Personal Items: Along with packing your tent and cooking utensils, you should also carry other items such as a water bottle, raingear, fire-starting gear, a map, a cell phone, a global positioning system, and a compass, etc. 
  • Layers Of Clothing: It is always recommended to include many options and layers of clothing to protect yourself from harsh weather conditions. 

Ending Thoughts

Now that you have finished reading this entire blog post, we hope you have got a clear idea about the essential things to remember while you are going on camping with horse riding. 

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