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Gunnison National Forest Horse Trails | Top Horse Trails
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Gunnison National Forest, located in the beautiful state of Colorado, offers some of the most stunning horseback riding trails in the entire country. With its vast expanse of wilderness and diverse landscapes, equestrians are treated to an unforgettable experience while traversing the forested trails that wind through mountains, valleys, and pristine meadows. Whether you are a seasoned rider or a novice enthusiast, the multiple trails in Gunnison National Forest cater to all levels of expertise, providing endless opportunities for exploration and adventure.


One of the top horse trails in Gunnison National Forest is the West Elk Loop. This 204-mile long loop offers a truly captivating experience for riders, showcasing the magnificent beauty of the forest and the surrounding West Elk Mountain Range. The route takes riders through dense alpine forests, wide-open meadows, and across crystal-clear streams, providing a diverse and ever-changing landscape. The trail also offers breathtaking views of the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness and various wildlife sighting opportunities, including elk, mule deer, and sometimes even black bears.


For those seeking a shorter but equally rewarding ride, the Trail 835, also known as Teocalli Ridge Loop, is a popular choice. The trail is approximately 8.6 miles long and offers fantastic panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and mountain ranges. Riders will find themselves immersed in a picturesque setting, with wildflowers covering the meadows in the summertime. This trail is not only a visual delight but also offers a moderate challenge, making it suitable for riders of different skill levels.


Another noteworthy horse trail is the Doctor Park Loop. Approximately 12 miles in length, the trail showcases some of the most unique and stunning landscapes in Gunnison National Forest. Riders will encounter dense aspen groves, lush alpine meadows, and even a beautiful waterfall along the way. The challenge level of this trail is considered moderate to difficult due to its elevation gain, so it is best suited for experienced riders or those looking for a more physically demanding adventure.


For those who enjoy camping with their four-legged companions, the Dyke Trail is a great option. This trail, spanning about 25 miles, offers riders the opportunity to explore both Gunnison and Pitkin Counties. The trail takes riders through vast meadows and pine forests, with stunning views of the surrounding mountains. There are multiple camping areas along the trail, allowing for a memorable overnight adventure with your horses.


While exploring Gunnison National Forest, it is crucial for riders to be prepared and aware of their surroundings. Ensure you have proper maps, know the regulations, and carry plenty of water and food for both yourself and your horse. Respect the wilderness and leave no trace, as the forest's preservation is essential for future generations to enjoy.


Gunnison National Forest truly is a haven for horseback riding enthusiasts. With its diverse trails and breathtaking landscapes, riders can experience the beauty of the Colorado wilderness on horseback. Whether it's a day trip or a multi-day adventure, the horse trails at Gunnison National Forest will create lasting memories and an appreciation for the majestic beauty of nature. So, saddle up, grab your reins, and embark on an unforgettable journey through the best horse trails that Gunnison National Forest has to offer.