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Harold Parker State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-friendly Trails in Harold Parker State Forest, Massachusetts




If you have ever planned a day out riding, you might know the struggle of searching for horse-friendly trails. Know that the Harold Parker State Forest in Massachusetts welcomes equestrians. This article compiles a list of specific trail names within this 3,000-acre park that allow horse riding. 


1. Bear Hill Loop:


Bear Hill Loop is one of the main trails in Harold Parker allowing horses. This 2.9-mile loop is moderate in difficulty, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced equestrians alike.


2. Jenkins Road:


Jenkins Road is not only conducive for hikers and cyclists, but also for horse riding. This trail starts and ends at Jenkins Road, covering an estimated 3.2 miles in total. 


3. Salem Pond Loop:


Though it's a rather short trail of about 1.7 miles, the Salem Pond Loop grants breathtaking views with opportunities to spot local wildlife. While it may be a short ride, the beauty of nature certainly makes up for its length. 


4. Berrys Pond Loop:


The Berrys Pond Loop, encompassing about 4.8 miles, also happens to be one of the park's trails where horses are permitted. The loop navigates around Berrys Pond, offering riders a tranquil, scenic ride.


5. Andover District-Trail 23:


This trail spans 1.2 miles. It’s open to horseback riders, hikers, and mountain bikers. It’s a relatively easy trail, providing a serene and smooth ride for horse enthusiast.


Disclaimer: Please remember that horseback riding, like any activity in nature, comes with inherent risks. Always ride with caution, respect other trail users, and adhere to Leave No Trace practices. 



Harold Parker State Forest map and trail information can be found at https://www.mass.gov/locations/harold-parker-state-forest. 


Trail-specific information was verified from AllTrails, https://www.alltrails.com/parks/us/massachusetts/harold-parker-state-forest.


Always check both sources prior to planning your horseback ride as conditions and rules can fluctify. Enjoy your ride through Harold Parker State Forest's scenic equestrian-friendly trails! 




Embrace the opportunity to explore the vast beauty of Harold Parker State Forest from a unique perspective-on horseback. With this go-to list of horse-friendly trails, you can simply saddle up and enjoy your day out riding without any concerns about trail restrictions. Happy riding!


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