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Hiawatha National Forest: Top Horse Trails | July 2023
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The Top Horse Trails in Hiawatha National Forest: A Horse Lover's Paradise


Located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, the Hiawatha National Forest offers stunning beauty and diverse landscapes that attract outdoor enthusiasts from across the country. While the forest is famous for its hiking and biking trails, it's also a prime destination for horseback riding. With its vast network of well-maintained trails, Hiawatha National Forest provides an unforgettable experience for horse riders of all levels. Here are the top horse trails in this forest paradise.


1. Pine Marten Run Trail: Spanning approximately 17 miles, Pine Marten Run Trail is a wonderful choice for riders seeking a longer adventure. Starting at the Pine Marten Run Trailhead, this moderate to difficult trail meanders through the forest, taking riders across rolling hills, through thickets of pine and hardwood trees, and along peaceful streams. With ample opportunities for wildlife sightings, this trail is perfect for those wishing to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the forest.


2. Bell Trail System: The Bell Trail System is a collection of interconnected trails, comprising over 30 miles of fantastic riding opportunities. With multiple trailheads, riders can choose their starting point based on their desired length and difficulty level. These trails offer a variety of landscapes, including deep forests, meadows, and even wetlands. The system is well-marked, making navigation a breeze, while the serene surroundings create the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing ride.


3. Raco Horse Trail: The Raco Horse Trail stretches across 9 miles of diverse terrain and is ideal for both beginners and experienced riders. Starting at the Raco Campground, this trail winds its way through scenic forests, open meadows, and picturesque wetlands. Along the route, riders can enjoy beautiful views of the renowned Whitefish Bay and even catch glimpses of the Mackinac Bridge in the distance. With accessible amenities and stunning scenery, the Raco Horse Trail is a must-ride for equestrians visiting Hiawatha National Forest.


4. Haywire Grade Trail: For those seeking a shorter trail with a historically intriguing twist, Haywire Grade is the perfect choice. This 4-mile loop trail follows an old railroad grade that was once used for logging operations in the area. Passing through remnants of the past, including old railroad ties and logging equipment, riders can appreciate the region's rich history. The trail itself offers a mixture of woodland and open areas, making it a delightful and informative ride.


5. Fox River Pathway: While not specifically designated as a horse trail, the Fox River Pathway allows horseback riding and offers a delightful experience for riders. This 27-mile loop trail showcases the Fox River's serene beauty, with numerous access points allowing equestrians to choose sections as per their preferences. Riders will encounter peaceful river vistas, lush forests, and even beaver-dammed wetlands along this scenic trail.


Before embarking on any horseback riding adventure in Hiawatha National Forest, it's essential to follow certain guidelines. Ensure you have the proper permits, pack essential safety gear, and respect the park regulations to help preserve this pristine environment.


With its stunning landscapes, well-maintained trails, and varied terrains, Hiawatha National Forest provides an ideal setting for horseback riding enthusiasts. Whether you're an experienced rider seeking a thrilling challenge or a novice looking for a leisurely ride, this national forest has something for everyone. So, saddle up, explore the top horse trails in Hiawatha National Forest, and create memories that will last a lifetime.