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High Point State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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## Horse-Friendly Trails at High Point State Park, New Jersey


Explore the beauty of High Point State Park in New Jersey with your equine companion on these horse-friendly trails. Not only does the park offer breathtaking views and diverse landscapes, but it also provides dedicated trails specifically for horse riding enthusiasts. This article lists some of the best trails at High Point State Park that welcome our four-legged friends. 


1. **Sawmill Lake Trail**: Sawmill Lake Trail, stretching 1.5 miles, is an easy loop trail located near the town of Sussex. It is a well-marked trail that offers a stunning view of Sawmill Lake, and it's open to horseback riders. 


2. **Monument Trail**: The Monument Trail is a 3.5-mile moderately trafficked loop trail that provides gorgeous views of the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York from the highest point at High Point State Park. This trail also allows horse riding, all-year-round.


3. **Cedar Swamp Trail**: Named after the Cedar Swamp located in High Point State Park, this 2.5 miles trail gives horse riders a unique experience. The trail is beautiful with a diverse landscape including a cedar swamp and varying plant species.


4. **Appalachian Trail (High Point State Park section)**: Though not all parts of the Appalachian Trail are open to horses, the section within High Point State Park specifically allows for equestrians. Discover scenic views and captivating nature while on a long horse ride along this iconic trail.


5. **Iris Trail**: This 2.1-mile trail is open for horseback riders and offers a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains. It's a moderate level trail, making it perfectly stimulating for both horse and rider.


Whether you are an experienced rider or it's your horse's first trail, High Point State Park offers a diverse range of trails for an unforgettable horse riding experience. So, saddle up and adventure through the stunning parklands that have something to delight every equestrian.




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