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Hocking State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: An Equestrian's Guide to Horse-Friendly Trails in Hocking State Forest, Ohio 


Get your saddle ready and bring along your best equine friend, as we take you on a galloping journey through the horse-friendly trails nestled within the scenic Hocking State Forest, Ohio. Perfect for equestrians seeking adventure or simply indulging in the quiet splendors of nature, these trails provide an unparalleled experience. 


1. **The Bridle Trail**: With a spanning distance of approximately 75 miles, Hocking State Forest's well-known Bridle Trail is a must-ride for horse trail enthusiasts. Divided into the North Loop (17 miles) and South Loop (31 miles), you and your horse can enjoy the winding and scenic paths through forests, open meadows, and alongside beautiful streams. 


2. **Buckeye Trail**: This trail, while primarily known for hiking, does have sections that allow equestrians. Part of the Buckeye Trail cuts through Hocking State Forest, offering a fascinating mixture of local flora, fauna, and geological formations to appreciate as riders pass by.


3. **Stone Church Horse Trail**: As a less lengthy route at approximately 9.5 miles, Stone Church Horse Trail is perfect for those after a more compressed riding experience. Still, it flaunts a lovely interconnection with nature, leading you and your splendid horse through charming woodland terrain and bringing you to the historic stone church for which it’s named.


A few things to remember before setting off: Make sure to check the conditions of the trail before taking your horse out, as the trails can become quite muddy after rain. Always respect trail signages, including those indicating parts of Buckeye Trail that are not open to horses.


Enjoy your horseback ride through the picturesque landscapes and serene trails that only Hocking State Forest can offer!


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**Disclaimer**: This list is based on reliable online sources. However, local regulations are subject to change, and it is advisable to check with local state park officials or a ranger station before embarking on your adventure.


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