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Huron National Forest Horse Trails | Top Horse Trails
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The Best Horse Trails at Huron National Forest


Nestled in the northeastern part of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, Huron National Forest offers an oasis for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. Stretching over 400,000 acres, this vast forest boasts a diverse ecosystem, abundant wildlife, and numerous recreational activities. Among the forest's many attractions are its extensive horse trails, providing equestrians with unforgettable riding experiences. Let's explore some of the best horse trails at Huron National Forest.


1. Corsair Trail: Spanning approximately 45 miles, the Corsair Trail is a well-maintained loop that winds through rolling hills and meanders along the scenic Au Sable River. With several trailheads available, riders can choose their preferred starting point depending on their desired length and difficulty level. This trail offers a fantastic opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the forest while navigating a variety of terrain and landscapes.


2. Shore-to-Shore Trail: As its name suggests, the Shore-to-Shore Trail extends from Lake Huron to Lake Michigan, covering an impressive distance of 220 miles. While not exclusively designated for horses, this multi-use trail allows equestrians to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the forest, wetlands, and dunes. From towering pines to sandy pathways, this trail offers a diverse riding experience, making it popular among horse enthusiasts.


3. Hoist Lakes Loop: Situated in the northern part of Huron National Forest, the Hoist Lakes Loop trail spans approximately 7.2 miles. This trail is known for its serene, picturesque surroundings, which include several pristine lakes. Riders can navigate through wooded areas and open fields, offering a chance to spot local wildlife and immerse themselves in the tranquility of the forest.


4. Reid Lake Trail: Located near the town of Mio in Huron National Forest, Reid Lake Trail is a lesser-known gem, ideal for those seeking a peaceful and less crowded equestrian experience. This 6.7-mile loop trail surrounds a scenic lake and provides riders with a peaceful retreat in nature's embrace. With its moderate difficulty level, this trail is suitable for riders of all skill levels.


5. Bull Gap Trail: The Bull Gap Trail offers a thrilling adventure for experienced riders. Spreading across 13.6 miles, this trail is part of a larger network of multi-use trails. Riders can expect a more rugged and challenging experience as they traverse the undulating terrain of Huron National Forest. The trail takes riders through dense forests, picturesque streams, and, during springtime, stunning wildflower displays.


Before embarking on any horseback riding adventure, it is essential to come prepared with the necessary equipment, maps, and food. Additionally, keep in mind the weather conditions and any restrictions or guidelines set by the forest administration. When riding on horse trails, respect nature, fellow riders, and wildlife by leaving no trace and following appropriate trail etiquette.


Huron National Forest offers an astonishing range of horse trails that cater to all levels of riders. Whether you are seeking a peaceful escape or a thrilling experience, the forest's diverse trail network ensures an unforgettable expedition. So saddle up, breathe in the fresh forest air, and embark on a journey through the natural wonders of Huron National Forest.