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Idaho Horse Camps | Equestrian Campgrounds in Idaho
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Explore the most popular horse camps in Idaho with this helpful list of equestrian campgrounds.  Each camp page includes maps, reservation information, nearby horse trails, and more!

Legacy Park

Ears The Place Equine Inn

Frazier Equine Services

Rafter DL Ranch

Snake River Arena

Horseman Haven Ranch

Cottonwood Grove Home and Stable

Carol's Horse Motel

High Desert Equestrian Center

3X Livestock


Aspenbreak Stables

Rafter H Arena & Horse Hotel

Laughing Horse Ranch

Dunn Rite Ranch

SLR Horse Hotel

Elk Valley Guard Station

Big Creek

Indian Creek Campground

Wolf Flats

Windy Saddle Horse Camp

Wilson Creek Trails

Wilson Corral

Willow Creek Transfer Camp

Wilderness Gateway Camp

Whoop Em Up Equestrian Camp

Webber Creek Trailhead

Wapiti Creek Trailhead

Twin Lakes Campground

Twin Falls County Fairgrounds

Tin Cup

Third Fork

Table Meadows

Sweet Pepper Ranch

Sublett Campground

St. Anthony Sand Dunes

Sourdough Saddle

Soldier Creek Boondocking

Smoky Mountain Campground

Slims Camp

Secesh Horse camp

Sawmill Gulch Boondocking

Salmon River Boondocking

Red Road

Race Creek

Power Plant Campground

Poverty Flat Horse Camp

Phillips Creek transfer Camp

Peewee Trail

Palisades Creek Campground

Paddy Flat

Packsaddle Campground

Minidoka County Fairgrounds

Middle Fork Transfer Camp

Mammoth Springs

Magruder Crossing Campground

Madison County Fairgrounds


Long Hollow

Lola Creek

Little Smoky Creek

Line Creek Stock Camp

Laughing Horse Boarding and Horse Motel

Lake Creek Campground

Kruger Ranch

Kootenai County Fairgrounds

Kennally Creek

Jumbo Camp

Island Park

Isabella Point Trailhead

Iron Phone Junction

Iron Creek TH

Independence Lakes Campground

Idaho Horse Park

Hunter Creek Transfer Camp

Hitt Mountain Trailhead

Hi-Sage Morgan Horse Farm

Hidden Valley Ranch Paint

Heyburn State Park

Henry's Fork

Harriman State Park

Halfway House

Granite Springs


Gibson Basin - Egan Basin

Farragut State Park

Fall Creek Boondocking

Elmore County Fairgrounds and Event Center

Ellis Supreme Arabians Stables

Elk Summit

Dream River Ranch

Dixie Meadow Campground

Decker Flatts

Coyote Meadows

Cowboy Campground

Copper Creek/Garfield Campground

City of Rocks

Chinook Campground

Cherry Creek Campground

Castleview RV Park

Casino Creek

Canyon Transfer Camp

Camp 3 Camp

Burns Creek Road Boondocking

Bull Trout Lake Horse Camp

Bruneau Dunes State Park

Bridge Creek

Boyd Creek

Bootjack Creek

Blue Creek Road

Birch Creek

Big Springs

Beaver Creek Horse Camp

Bear Valley Horse Camp

Bear Creek Transfer Camp

Basin Creek Transfer Camp Trailhead

Ayers Creek Boondocking

Alex Draw Boondocking

7th Ranch RV Camp

14 Mile Trailhead

Bannock County Event Center