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Indiana: Top Horse Trails | July 2023
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Indiana may be known for its flat terrain and endless cornfields, but hidden within its borders are some fantastic equestrian trails. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a beginner, these trails offer a range of experiences for horse enthusiasts. From serene wooded paths to scenic river rides, here are the top equestrian trails in Indiana.


1. Brown County State Park: Nestled in the beautiful hills of southern Indiana, Brown County State Park is a horse lover's paradise. With over 70 miles of horse trails, riders can explore the park's stunning landscapes, including rolling hills, scenic overlooks, and dense forests. The trails are well-marked and offer a variety of difficulty levels, making it accessible for riders of all skill levels.


2. Hoosier National Forest: Covering over 200,000 acres, Hoosier National Forest is a vast playground for outdoor enthusiasts. The forest offers several equestrian trails that wind through picturesque woodlands and along the shores of sparkling lakes. The Hickory Ridge Trail is particularly popular among riders, as it offers a challenging yet rewarding experience.


3. Fort Harrison State Park: Located just outside of Indianapolis, Fort Harrison State Park is a hidden gem for equestrians. The park features over 15 miles of horse trails that meander through peaceful woodlands, offering a tranquil escape from the bustling city. Riders can also explore the park's historic sites, including remnants of a former military post.


4. Salamonie Reservoir: Situated in northeastern Indiana, Salamonie Reservoir is not only a popular destination for boating and fishing but also for horseback riding. The scenic trails around the reservoir wind through picturesque wetlands, offering riders a chance to spot wildlife such as deer, turkey, and various bird species. With well-maintained trails and stunning views, Salamonie Reservoir is a must-visit for equestrians.


5. Fort Harrison Bridle Trails: Another hidden gem within Fort Harrison State Park is the dedicated bridle trail system. These trails are exclusively for horseback riding, offering riders a safe and enjoyable experience. The bridle trails cover a range of terrain, including open meadows and shady forests, providing a variety of experiences for riders to enjoy.


6. Shades State Park: Located along the banks of Sugar Creek, Shades State Park is a scenic paradise for both hikers and equestrians. With miles of trails that wind through deep ravines, sandstone cliffs, and lush forests, riders can enjoy the park's natural beauty while experiencing the thrill of horseback riding. The trails vary in difficulty, making it suitable for riders of all levels.


7. Turkey Run State Park: Known for its stunning canyons and sandstone cliffs, Turkey Run State Park offers equestrians an unforgettable experience. The park has designated horse trails that provide the opportunity to explore its unique geological formations, including Suspension Bridge, Rocky Hollow, and Lusk Home. The trails are well-maintained and offer breathtaking views, making it a favorite among riders.


Whether you prefer leisurely rides through tranquil forests or challenging treks through rugged terrains, Indiana has it all. These top equestrian trails invite riders to embrace the state's natural beauty while enjoying the freedom and grace of horseback riding. So saddle up and explore Indiana's hidden treasures on horseback for an unforgettable equestrian adventure.