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Joshua Tree National Park Horse Trails | Dec 2023 | Top Horse Trails
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After conducting thorough research from official and credible online sources such as the National Park Service website, it appears that there are indeed several trails in Joshua Tree National Park where equestrian use is permitted.


1. **Black Rock Canyon Trail:** This extensive trail, located in the park's northern region, permits horseback riding. The Black Rock Canyon Trail serves as an access point to the California Riding and Hiking Trail and offers riders scenic vistas of the park.  


2. **California Riding and Hiking Trail:** This trail stretches over an impressive 35 miles and offers a perfect opportunity for riders to explore the park's wilderness. Be prepared for a rather long ride when deciding to explore this trail, though it offers a breathtaking view of Joshua Tree National Park.


3. **Burnt Hill Trail:** Horses are welcome on this more manageable 4-mile trail. Located in the northwestern part of the park, this trail offers sundrenched landscapes dotted with Joshua trees and other desert flora. 


4. **Stubbe Springs Loop:** This is a longer, 9-mile trail best suited to experienced riders. Along the loop, you can enjoy views of picturesque desert landscapes, including impressive vistas of the Little San Bernardino Mountains.


5. **Old Dale Road / Pinto Basin Road:** This expansive trail covers 33 miles of unpaved lands, starting in the north area of the park and heading south. If you want to explore a variety of landscapes, this trail can offer you everything from sandy flats to rocky slopes.


Keep in mind, there are a few things to note for horseback riding in Joshua Tree National Park. You must trailer horses to a site that has been designated for horse trailer parking. Horses are not allowed in picnic areas, campgrounds, or on nature trails. You should also remember to carry a sufficient amount of water for you and your horse, as no water is available within the park. 


Please bear in mind, updated information regarding the specific rules and requirements for horseback riding at Joshua Tree National Park can always be found on the official site of Joshua Tree National Park and National Park Service website. Happy Riding!


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