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Kaibab National Forest Horse Trails | Dec 2023 | Top Horse Trails
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After careful research, the verified trails within the Kaibab National Forest that specifically allow horses include:


1. Bill Williams Mountain Trail: This is a 7.9-mile trail situated near Williams. The trail offers moderate difficulty and beautiful wildflowers along the path. It is rated as one of the most enjoyable hikes in the Kaibab National Forest and is open to horses.


2. Kendrick Mountain Trail: This is a 9-mile trail also situated near the Williams vicinity. It offers hikers and horse riders a challenging pathway with the reward of exceptional views. The density of the Ponderosa Pine forest invites skilled hikers and horse riders to test themselves.


3. Sycamore Rim Trail: This is a 12.6-mile loop trail located near the Parks vicinity. This trail is often rated as moderate difficulty and offers a range of activities, including horse riding. The trail is beautifully decorated with waterfalls and wildlife.


4. Overland Road Historic Trail: This trail is a 35-mile point-to-point trail that meanders through the lush Ponderosa Pine forest from the South Rim of Valle to near Grand Canyon. The trail is commonly used for horse riding.


5. Rainbow Rim Trail: This trail is a 18-mile point-to-point trail near the North Rim, which offers riders both an intimate forest experience and outstanding views of the Grand Canyon landscape. Horses are allowed on this streak of beauty, but it is highly advised to prepare for rough terrains.


It is important to note that although these trails are open for horse riding, it is always critical for riders to adhere to the rules and regulations set out to protect both the park and its wildlife. This may include cleaning after your horse, keeping them on the trail, and avoiding fast gallops that can cause trail erosion. Enjoy your trail ride in the beauty of Kaibab National Forest.


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