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Kalkaska State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Unbridled Adventures: Horse-Friendly Trails in Kalkaska State Forest, Michigan


Are you and your equine friend looking for a thrilling outdoor adventure? Look no further than the horse-friendly trails of Kalkaska State Forest in Michigan. This blog will introduce you to each equestrian-approved trail, opening new possibilities for four-hoofed exploration. Discover the beauty of Michigan's woods from the saddle, immersing yourself in nature's vibrant palette.


1. The Shore-to-Shore Trail:

Shore-to-Shore trail extends over 220 miles across the state of Michigan, including a segment passing through Kalkaska State Forest. Riders will experience a variety of scenery from deep woodlands to lake views. Reminders of old homesteads and farmlands give this trail a touch of historical significance. Remember, camping along the trail with horses is only permitted in designated campgrounds.


2. The Fife Lake Loop: 

This 21-mile loop, rich in diversity, traverses through both Kalkaska and Manistee National Forests with sections allowing horse riding. The majority of the ride features breathtaking views of Fife Lake’s shimmering shores and rambling woodland paths. 


3. Blue Bear ORV Trail:

Blue Bear ORV Trail has a designated part that allows horses to tread along. Winding through the heart of Kalkaska State Forest, it boasts cool shade in summer and a burst of fiery colors during the fall foliage season.


4. The Sand Lakes Quiet Area Trail: 

Though only a small section of this trail, on the east side is open to horses; it is worth the ride. Straddling the borders of the state forest, this tranquility-filled ride commands awe-inspiring views over the Sand Lakes. 


5. The Kalkaska Connector:

As the name implies, this trail connects different parts of the forest, offering riders up to 26 miles of diverse forest terrain. Horse riders will marvel at the thick canopies and can choose to explore side paths for extra adventure. 


Whether you're a beginner trail rider or an experienced equestrian, the broad paths, abundant wildlife, mixed forests, and rippling waters along these trails in Kalkaska State Forest guarantee a memorable adventure for you and your horse. Harness up and prepare for a truly Michigan experience on these horse-approved trails.




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