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Kiowa National Grassland: Top Horse Trails | July 2023
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Nestled in northeastern Colorado, Kiowa National Grassland offers a pristine wilderness experience with its vast grasslands, rolling hills, and magnificent views. A haven for outdoor enthusiasts and equestrians alike, this hidden gem boasts several fantastic horse trails that allow riders to explore its natural beauty while enjoying a memorable journey. Whether you are a seasoned equestrian or a beginner, Kiowa National Grassland has something to offer for everyone. Let's delve into the top horse trails in this picturesque landscape.


1. Pawnee Buttes Trail:

Undoubtedly, the Pawnee Buttes Trail is a must-ride for any equestrian visiting Kiowa National Grassland. This scenic trail runs for approximately 2.5 miles and offers riders a unique opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring Pawnee Buttes up close. These towering buttes, composed of sedimentary rock, are a testament to nature's craftsmanship. Marvel at the panoramic views of the surrounding grasslands as you ride along this tranquil and well-marked trail.


2. Crow Valley Recreation Area:

Situated in the southwestern part of Kiowa National Grassland, the Crow Valley Recreation Area offers several interconnected trails, suitable for riders of all skill levels. The area encompasses approximately 28 miles of trails, making it a great destination for day-long horseback adventures. You'll pass through expansive grasslands, wander through charming groves of trees, and experience breathtaking views of the Colorado plains. With abundant wildlife and beautiful wildflowers in bloom during spring and summer, Crow Valley Recreation Area is a haven for nature lovers.


3. Retrap Trail:

For those seeking a more challenging ride, the Retrap Trail in the eastern edge of Kiowa National Grassland is the perfect choice. This 3.5-mile trail winds through the undulating landscape, offering riders a taste of the rugged terrain. As you navigate the twists and turns, keep an eye out for wildlife such as pronghorn antelope and mule deer that call this area home. The Retrap Trail is a hidden gem that presents riders with an adventurous journey in untouched wilderness.


4. Lost Creek State Wildlife Area:

Located on the western edge of Kiowa National Grassland, the Lost Creek State Wildlife Area is a horse lover's paradise. With more than 10 miles of well-maintained trails, riders can explore this picturesque area, characterized by riparian habitats, wetlands, and rolling plains. As you traverse the trails, you may encounter impressive bird species such as sandhill cranes and great blue herons, providing a delightful experience for bird watchers as well.


5. Mount Simon Trail:

For riders looking to experience a more elevated adventure, the Mount Simon Trail offers a unique experience in Kiowa National Grassland. This moderate 6-mile trail leads riders through scenic grasslands, rocky outcroppings, and tranquil woodlands. As you ascend the trail, prepare to be rewarded with breathtaking vistas of the surrounding landscape. Keep an eye out for interesting geological formations and the diverse flora and fauna that Kim Cooper Butte has to offer.


Before setting off on any of the aforementioned trails, it's essential to ensure you have all the necessary gear and equipment. Always pack plenty of water for both yourself and your horse, as well as snacks, a first aid kit, and a map of the area. Moreover, make sure your horse is properly equipped with a well-fitted saddle, bridle, and riding gear.


Remember to practice Leave No Trace principles by staying on designated trails, disposing of waste appropriately, and respecting the flora and fauna you encounter. Kiowa National Grassland is a precious natural resource and preserving its beauty for future generations is paramount.


So, saddle up and embark on an unforgettable equestrian adventure in Kiowa National Grassland. With its diverse trails, stunning landscapes, and abundant wildlife, this hidden gem is sure to delight riders of all ages and experience levels. Experience the captivating spirit of the wilderness as you explore the top horse trails in Kiowa National Grassland. Happy trails!