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Kisatchie National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-Friendly Trails in Kisatchie National Forest 


If you're searching for horse-friendly trails in Louisiana, you need not look further than the beautiful Kisatchie National Forest. This vast forest offers numerous trails that are open to horse riders, making it the perfect destination for equestrian enthusiasts. Below, we've detailed some of the best trails that explicitly allow horses. 


1. Sandstone Horse Trail and Camp:

Open year-round, the Sandstone Horse Trail and Camp is a popular choice for horse riders. It features a total trail distance of 76 miles providing ample space for long, fulfilling rides. The trail terrain varies drastically, moving through dunes, forestland, hills, and beautiful wildflower meadows. A camp, designed specifically for horse riders, accompanies the trail and offers facilities like picnic tables, horse stables, and restrooms.


2. Caroline Dormon Horse Trail: 

This trail named after the famous naturalist and writer, Caroline Dormon, is a loop style journey through a variety of forest ecosystems. Covering a 10.5-mile long distance, the terrain varies between flat lands and hills. The trail, open to horse riders, offers scenic views of Louisiana's diverse ecosystems, including longleaf pine and hardwood forests. 


3. Claiborne Multi-Use Trail:

Another wonderful choice for horse riders, the 69-mile long Claiborne Multi-Use Trail weaves through serene pine forests and mystical swamps. The trail presents varying degrees of difficulty, ensuring a thrilling experience from start to finish. 


4. Forest Hill Horse Trails: 

Consisting of two trails - The Richard Thompson and The Boy Scout Horse Trails - the Forest Hill Horse Trails system provides approximately 23.5 miles of riding pleasure. The stunning trails offer a wonderful blend of low hills and level grades.


5. Wild Azalea Trail: 

While more famous as a hiking trail, the Wild Azalea Trail also invites horse riders to enjoy its sprawling beauty. Extending over 26 miles, it's the longest trail in Louisiana and goes through stunning landscapes of the Kisatchie National Forest.


It's important to remember that all riders are expected to adhere to the 'Leave No Trace' principles to ensure these trails remain beautiful and usable for future equestrians.




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Note: Please check for the latest updates from the Kisatchie National Forest website or contact them directly before planning your trip, as trail access and conditions can change.


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