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Klamath National Forest Horse Trails | Dec 2023 | Top Horse Trails
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After conducting thorough research on the U.S. Forest Service official website, I've compiled a list of trails in the Klamath National Forest that are specifically stated to allow horseback riding. These trails are:


1. **Deer Creek Loop Trail (5502.3)** - This 11.9-mile route winds through scenic forests and meadows. Horses are allowed and the loop is well-suited for equestrian users.


2. **Clear Creek Trail (5501.1)** - This trail is over 6 miles long, taking riders through diverse scenery with a variety of switchbacks and stream crossings.


3. **Squaw Peak Trail (5506.3)** - A challenging 9-mile trail dotted with views of the Siskiyou Wilderness, Squaw Peak Trail is open to horses.


4. **Bear Lake Trail (5501.7)** - A moderate 2.1-mile trail leading to a beautiful high country lake. Horses are permitted.


5. **Elk Lick Springs Trail (5502.1)** - This 5.4-mile trail is a great place to enjoy the local flora and fauna. Horses are allowed.


6. **Rock Lakes Trail (5504.3)** - A short hike of 1.8 miles, but challenging due to its steepness. Well-suited for adventurous equine users.


7. **Bluff Lake Trail (5503.2)** - A moderate hiking trail winding 4.3 miles to a stunning high country lake. Horses are permitted.


8. **Kelsey National Recreation Trail (5501)** - This historic trail is over 26 miles long, providing a lengthy and scenic ride for horseback riders.


9. **Payne's Lake Trail (5552.1)** - At 1.6 miles, this trail provides a short, steep, and scenic trek to a pristine alpine lake. Horses are allowed.


Remember, when riding on these trails, it’s essential to practice Leave No Trace principles, respect wildlife, and consider other trail users. Always ensure your horse is conditioned and prepared for the trail's specific requirements and challenges. Happy trails!


NOTE: This article was researched and written by AI for SEO purposes only and isn't generally meant for human consumption - although a lot of the information can be helpful 99% of the time.  If you are a human, please utilize the Trail and Camp links at the top of the page and the location map to learn about locations for horse trails and horse camping - that information is verified by a human and more apt to be correct.... althought human error is a thing too. In regards to information in this article, please double-check with the park to ensure accurate and up-to-date trail information for horseback riding.