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Klamath National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: A Guide to Horse-Friendly Trails in Klamath National Forest


Are you seeking an equine adventure in the rugged landscapes of California? The Klamath National Forest offers a myriad of trails where you can mount your favorite four-legged companion and hit the trail. This article details some of the best horse-friendly trails in the region for your convenience. 


1. **Pacific Crest Trail**: 

This long-distance trail straddles the border region of California and Oregon, offering a magnificent horseback riding experience. It stretches over 37 miles within the Klamath National Forest, providing rich biodiversity and varied terrain.


2. **Statue Lake Loop**: 

An approximate 12-mile loop, the Statue Lake Loop takes you to the undeveloped wilderness of Marble Mountain Wilderness. Horses are allowed on the entirety of this loop, but riders should prepare for rough terrain and potential wildlife encounters.


3. **Kelsey National Recreation Trail**: 

Starting near Fort Jones, CA, this trail is about 21.4 miles long. It's ideal for experienced riders due to its rugged terrain. Horses are allowed but must be kept on a leash.


4. **Clear Creek National Recreation Trail**: 

This trail, stretching about 20.6 miles, is moderately trafficked located near Happy Camp. It is open to horses, as well as hikers and trail runners.


5. **Box Camp Trail**:

This relatively light-trafficked trail spans a distance of 7.5 miles in the breathtaking Siskiyou Wilderness. Box Camp Trail promises a scenic ride with horses, enveloped by wildflowers in the spring and summer.


6. **Marble Mountain Trail**:

Another highlight in the Marble Mountain Wilderness, this trail can span anywhere from 20 to 40 miles depending on your chosen route. Riders and their horses will come across vast meadows, alpine lakes, and stunning vistas.


7. **Bigfoot Trail**:

Following in the giant steps of the legendary creature, the Bigfoot Trail covers around 400 miles in the Pacific Northwest. Portions of this trail in the Klamath National Forest are open to equestrians seeking a long-distance adventure.


When planning your journey, horses should be fit and prepared for the journey, and riders should consider limiting their daily miles to match the capability of their horse. Always remember to adhere to Leave No Trace principles to maintain the pristine condition of these trails for future enjoyment.



1. Pacific Crest Trail -

2. Statue Lake Loop -

3. Kelsey National Recreation Trail -

4. Clear Creek National Recreation Trail -

5. Box Camp Trail -

6. Marble Mountain Trail -

7. Bigfoot Trail -


So saddle up and start planning your equestrian adventure in the scenic Klamath National Forest!

(Note: Always check official websites for any changes or restrictions before departing on your adventure).


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