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Lackawanna State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Top Horse-Friendly Trails at Lackawanna State Park, Pennsylvania


For equestrians who love to hit the trails, Lackawanna State Park offers a variety of trails where horses are welcome. Here's a list of horse-friendly trails in this Pennsylvania jewel that promises scenic splendor and a diversity of terrains. 


1. Orchard Trail

   First on our list, Orchard Trail is a 0.6-mile trail that's marked with orange blazes. This trail provides a scenic route through the park's former orchard, offering a relatively smooth ride for horses.


2. Frost Hollow Trail

   This 1.5-mile trail marked with yellow blazes starts from the eastern side of the park. Frost Hollow Trail runs through a varied landscape, making for a more adventurous ride through woodland and open fields.


3. Ranger Trail

   Ranger Trail is a 2-mile loop trail marked with red blazes. It follows along the park boundary, offering beautiful views of the lake. This trail includes some hillier terrains, providing a moderate level of challenge.


4. Snowflake Trail

   As a multi-use trail, Snowflake Trail is a 6.2-mile loop that's marked with blue blazes. It takes you through a diverse landscape of the park, including woodland areas, wetlands, and an impressive lake view. 


(Note: Always be sure to check trail conditions and any relevant park regulations before setting out.)


Lackawanna State Park offers something for every horse rider, from leisurely scenic routes to more engaging trails. Enjoy traversing through the park's diverse landscapes and make lasting memories with your four-legged companion.



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