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Lincoln National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-Friendly Trails at Lincoln National Forest: A Comprehensive Guide 


Are you fond of exploring wildlife and forests, horseback riding, and getting some fresh air? Lincoln National Forest in New Mexico boasts a rich array of trails that are specifically designated for horses. Offering breathtaking views, diverse wildlife, and vast open spaces, these picturesque, majestic trails are nothing less than a treat for horseback riders. To ensure you can plan the perfect trip, we’ve compiled a list of horse-friendly trails in the park, indexed with detail.


1. **Bonito Loop**

The Bonito Loop trail is an 8-mile loop that opens a plethora of scenic vistas and diverse terrains for horse riders. Horses are explicitly allowed on the trail, so riders can savor the unique combination of open meadows, forests, and framed views of Sierra Blanca. It's the perfect trail to plan a day ride with your equine friend. 


2. **Crest Trail**

Crest Trail stretches over 23 miles and is recognized as one of the finest horse trails within the Lincoln National Forest. It will take you through diverse landscapes, from lush meadows to dense forests, and reward you with panoramic views of the Gila Wilderness and White Sands.


3. **Trestle Recreation Area Trails**

This trail system offers over 18 miles of horse-friendly trails. As you and your horse traverse through these paths, you can experience picturesque views, diverse fauna, and towering Douglas fir trees. 


4. **Willie White Trail**

The Willie White trail is a perfect blend of history and nature for equestrians. The 8.8-mile horse-friendly trail takes riders through forests of pine, juniper, and oak, allowing them to experience the rich flora Lincoln National Forest has to offer.


5. **Osha Trail**

The 2.2-mile Osha trail is a hidden gem for horse riders. With an array of colorful wildflowers during spring, pleasant bird sounds, and a serene environment, this trail is perfect for those wanting a shorter yet immersive trip with their horses.


6. **Argentina Canyon Trail**

Known for its stunning landscapes and quiet paths, the Argentina Canyon Trail is an alluring location for horse riders. The 6.3-mile trail offers an aspect of isolation and serenity, making it an excellent option for solitude seekers.


Plan your next horseback riding adventure on one of these incredible trails. Do remember to follow all trail etiquettes to ensure a harmonious experience with nature. Happy riding!




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Please note: Always ensure to check the current status of the trails before planning your visit due to seasonal closures or maintenance. The conditions can change rapidly, so it's imperative to get the most current information.


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