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Lowden-Miller State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Saddle Up at Lowden-Miller State Forest: Horse-friendly Trails


Lowden-Miller State Forest, a sprawling 2,291-acre expanse in Illinois, exhibits breathtaking beauty year-round. Unique wildlife, quiet woodland settings, and miles upon miles of trails captivate visitors. Horse riding enthusiasts will be pleased to know that their favorite activity is catered for. Below is a comprehensive list of trails specifically allowing horses, ensuring a memorable equestrian outing.


1. Maple Leaf Trail: Known for its particular scenic charm in the autumn months, the Maple Leaf trail weaves through miles of dense hardwood forest, coming alive with hues of fiery reds and golds. Kit up your equine friend and venture into this horse-friendly route for a day of fantastic exploration.


2. White Oak Trail: Named after one of the sustainable hardwood species found in the State Forest, the White Oak Trail is a long, winding route perfect for more adventurous horseback riders. Traverse through diverse landscapes, from vibrant blossoms in spring to snow-dusted scenes in winter.


3. Sunset Trail: As the name implies, the Sunset Trail is unmatched for its enchanting sunset views. With ample trails cutting through the serene woods, this is an ideal route for horse riders seeking solace and tranquility in nature.


4. River View Trail: Offering stunning views of the Rock River, this trail takes you through a variety of terrains. Enjoy a brisk canter or a quiet trot while taking in the picturesque riverscapes.


5. Pine Grove Trail: The Pine Grove Trail is perfect for those looking for a peaceful, easy ride amidst towering pines. Enjoy the crisp, pine-filled air as you and your horse navigate through this peaceful forested trail.


Enjoyable equestrian experiences await at Lowden-Miller State Forest, where miles of horse-friendly trails span all sorts of terrain, species, and vistas. All of the above trails specifically accommodate horses, providing an immersive experience into the beauty of the Illinois wilderness. Grab your saddle and ride off into the sunset at Lowden-Miller State Forest!



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