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Maine: Top Horse Trails | July 2023
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Maine is known for its rugged beauty, pristine landscapes, and abundant wildlife. For equestrians looking to explore this picturesque state, there are numerous trails that offer breathtaking views, diverse terrains, and unforgettable experiences. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, here are some top equestrian trails in Maine that you should definitely explore.


1. Bradbury Mountain State Park: Located in Pownal, this park offers a variety of trails suitable for horseback riding. The well-maintained trails wind through forests, meadows, and up the picturesque Bradbury Mountain. Riders can enjoy stunning panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. With over 800 acres of rolling hills and diverse flora and fauna, Bradbury Mountain State Park is a must-visit for any equestrian enthusiast.


2. Acadia National Park: Known for its rugged coastline, granite cliffs, and scenic trails, Acadia National Park in Mount Desert Island is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. While horses are not allowed on the park's famous carriage roads, riders can explore the park's extensive network of gravel and dirt roads. These trails provide unique riding experiences, taking you through dense forests, alongside picturesque lakes, and offering glimpses of stunning coastal vistas.


3. Rangeley Lakes Trails Center: Nestled in the heart of Maine's western mountains, the Rangeley Lakes Trails Center in Rangeley offers more than 50 miles of equestrian-friendly trails. The vast network of trails takes riders through vast meadows, dense forests, and along tranquil lakes. With stunning mountain views and the opportunity to spot local wildlife including deer, moose, and bald eagles, this area provides an unforgettable equestrian adventure.


4. Sebago Lake State Park: Located in Casco, Sebago Lake State Park covers a massive 1,400 acres. The park provides well-marked trails that are suitable for riders of all levels. Whether you prefer a leisurely ride along the shore of Sebago Lake or a more challenging trail through the woods, this park has something for everyone. With its sandy beaches, clear waters, and dense forests, Sebago Lake State Park offers a serene and idyllic setting for equestrians.


5. The Eastern Trail: Stretching over 65 miles from Kittery to South Portland, the Eastern Trail is a multi-use trail that is open to equestrians. This scenic trail takes riders through various landscapes, including salt marshes, farmland, and wooded areas. With its minimal elevation changes and well-maintained paths, the Eastern Trail is a perfect choice for riders looking for a long-distance adventure.


6. Aroostook State Park: Located in Presque Isle, Aroostook State Park offers a unique equestrian experience in northern Maine. The park boasts over 800 acres of trails that wind through dense forests, over rolling hills, and along the pristine Echo Lake. With its beautiful scenery and tranquil atmosphere, Aroostook State Park is a hidden gem for equestrians seeking a peaceful ride.


Before embarking on any equestrian trail in Maine, it is important to familiarize yourself with park regulations, trail maps, and any requirements for equestrian use. Additionally, be sure to respect the environment and wildlife, and always practice responsible trail etiquette.


Maine's diverse landscapes, stunning vistas, and ample trail systems make it a perfect destination for equestrians seeking adventure and natural beauty. Whether you prefer leisurely rides along lakeshores or challenging treks through forests, the top equestrian trails in Maine promise unforgettable experiences and lifelong memories. So saddle up, and enjoy the scenic wonders of the Pine Tree State on horseback!