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Marin Headlands State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Heading: Saddle Up: Exploring Horse-Friendly Trails at Marin Headlands, California


If you're planning a horseback riding adventure at Marin Headlands in California, we've got the best trails for equestrian use in the park. Each trail provides a unique chance to explore the park's vibrant biodiversity and breathtaking landscapes right from your saddle. Let’s trot through the list of horse-friendly trails at Marin Headlands.


1. Miwok Trail:

The Miwok Trail allows horses and offers an enticing exploration through wildflower-filled meadows and lush woodlands. The panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay from the trail are truly captivating. 


2. Coastal Trail:

Around 2.7 miles long, this trail welcomes horse riders. It boasts some of the most scenic landscapes at Marin Headlands. Along the way, the trail offers views of the rocky coastline, crashing waves, and the majestic Golden Gate Bridge.


3. Bobcat Trail:

Meandering through tranquil forests and open grasslands, Bobcat Trail is another horse-friendly route. The trail stretches about 3.8 miles and is a popular choice for riders seeking a serene horseback riding experience.


4. Old Springs Trail:

A 1.6-mile trail that accommodates horses, the Old Springs Trail takes riders through dense woodlands and peaceful surroundings. This trail makes for a relatively easy and enjoyable ride.


5. Middle Green Gulch Trail: 

This trail welcomes horses and stretches 1.1 miles featuring beautiful landscapes that change with the seasons. Middle Green Gulch Trail is a must-ride for those who want to experience the diverse beauty of Marin Headlands on horseback.


6. Rodeo Valley Trail:

Also open to horses, the Rodeo Valley Trail is another choice route. Covering 3.4 miles, the trail offers views of Rodeo Lagoon and the surrounding hillsides.


Although these trails allow horses, always remember to follow park rules and stay on designated trails to ensure your safety and the protection of the Headlands' ecosystems. 



Based on the Marin Headlands Trail Map provided by the National Park Service, it confirms the above trails are open for equestrian use. 


Access the map here for more information: URL


To ensure the accuracy of our list, we also cross-checked with Golden Gate National Recreation Area's official website: URL


Riding in the Marin Headlands is managed by the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Check their site for any updates or changes: URL



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