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Mark Twain State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Best Horse-Allowed Trails at Mark Twain State Park, Missouri


Do you love to horseback ride amid the serene beauty of nature? Are you looking for horse-allowed trails at Mark Twain State Park? If so, this article has what you're looking for! We've compiled a list of trails in Mark Twain State Park that specifically welcome equestrians and their majestic steeds. Whether you're an experienced rider or just starting out, you're sure to find a trail that suits your preferred pace and scenery.


1. Big River Trail

The Big River Trail is a fantastic option for horse riders who want to enjoy a relaxing ride over flat terrain. It is an approximately 3.75 mile loop that mostly follows the patches of forest adjacent to the lake. The trail is suitable for beginners and offers fantastic views of the park's rich biodiversity.


2. Outlaw Trail 

For those who desire a bit of adventure, the Outlaw Trail would be a great choice. This 3.2 miles trail meanders through the hilly forested terrain and features a variety of flora and fauna. You and your horse can enjoy the breathtaking overlooks while enduring a moderate level of difficulty.


3. Sunset Trail 

Offering striking views of the sunset, the Sunset Trail is a 1.5 mile loop. Winding through an array of diverse habitats, it's a fantastic trail for bird watchers and nature lovers. This trail is also lightly trafficked, ensuring a peaceful ride.


4. Tom Sawyer Trail 

The longest of all, the Tom Sawyer Trail travels for over 4 miles. This trail is far from traffic and offers a quiet setting for horse riding – a perfect way to explore diverse foliage types. It also consists of several steep slopes and is recommended for experienced riders.


5. Park Perimeter Trail

Park Perimeter Trail is a network combining all the smaller trails, approximately 10 miles. It offers an all-inclusive ride around the park, giving riders a taste of everything Mark Twain State Park has to offer horseback riders. This route truly immerses you and your horse in the park's enchanting atmosphere.


Before you saddle up and start your equestrian journey, don't forget to check the trail status and park rules related to horseback riding on the Missouri State Parks' official website. Happy Riding!


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