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Maryland: Top Horse Camps | July 2023
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Maryland offers a plethora of scenic landscapes and trails for equestrian enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned horseback rider or a beginner looking to explore Maryland's countryside, the state boasts some remarkable equestrian campgrounds that will cater to your equine adventure. From Western Maryland to the Eastern Shore, here are the top equestrian campgrounds in Maryland.


1. Green Ridge State Forest – Flintstone, MD:

Nestled in Western Maryland, Green Ridge State Forest is a paradise for horseback riding enthusiasts. With over 100 miles of scenic trails winding through mountains, woodlands, and fields, it offers a picturesque equestrian camping experience. The campground provides horse-friendly amenities such as hitching posts, paddocks, and water stations, ensuring a comfortable stay for both horse and rider. Additionally, the forest offers stunning views of the Potomac River and opportunities for fishing, hiking, and biking.


2. Gunpowder Falls State Park – Hammerman Area, Middle River, MD:

Conveniently located just 20 miles northeast of downtown Baltimore, Gunpowder Falls State Park's Hammerman Area encompasses a beautiful equestrian campground. Boasting over 18 miles of diverse trails, riders can explore wooded areas, open fields, and even cross the pristine Gunpowder River. The campground has horse-friendly facilities including trailer parking, water spigots, and restrooms. With its close proximity to the city, equestrians can enjoy day trips while still immersed in Maryland's natural beauty.


3. Fair Hill Natural Resources Management Area – Elkton, MD:

Fair Hill NRMA is a 5,656-acre expanse of rolling hills and picturesque landscapes situated in Cecil County, Maryland. Known for its world-class equestrian events, including the renowned Fair Hill International, the park offers an exceptional equestrian campground. Riders can explore 80 miles of multi-use trails, with options ranging from easy loops to challenging terrain. The campground features equestrian facilities such as horse stalls, watering troughs, and parking for trailers. With its extensive trail system and scenic beauty, Fair Hill NRMA is a must-visit for equestrians of all levels.


4. South Branch Patapsco Valley State Park – Sykesville, MD:

Located near Sykesville, Maryland, South Branch Patapsco Valley State Park is a haven for equestrians. This park features 35 miles of trails that meander through rolling hills, wooded areas, and along the picturesque South Branch Patapsco River. The equestrian campground offers amenities such as hitching posts, water spigots, and picnic areas. This park is also popular for its historic bridges, ruins, and scenic vistas, making it a perfect destination for riders seeking natural beauty and tranquility.


5. Tuckahoe State Park – Queen Anne, MD:

Nestled on Maryland's Eastern Shore, Tuckahoe State Park encompasses over 3,800 acres of woodlands and freshwater marshes. The park offers a dedicated equestrian campground with six miles of equestrian-specific trails. Riders can explore diverse landscapes, including fields, woodlands, and waterfront areas. The campground provides horse stalls, picnic facilities, and a water supply. Additionally, Tuckahoe State Park boasts opportunities for kayaking, fishing, and camping, ensuring an enjoyable and memorable outdoor experience.


Maryland's equestrian campgrounds provide ample opportunities for horseback riding enthusiasts to explore the state's stunning landscapes and wildlife. From Western Maryland's mountains to the Eastern Shore's coastal beauty, these campgrounds offer a perfect blend of nature and equestrian adventure. So, saddle up and experience the joys of horseback riding at these top equestrian campgrounds in Maryland.