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Mendocino National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Hitch and Ride: Horse-Friendly Trails around Mendocino National Forest, California


The Mendocino National Forest boasts not only stunning landscapes but also a network of trails that caters to various outdoor pursuits, including horseback riding. For equestrian enthusiasts, this means you can freely explore the beauty of this California gem with your four-legged companions. Here are some vetted trails where horses are specifically permitted.



   At 3.5 miles long, the Middle Creek Trail is a suitable choice for both inexperienced riders and those seeking a relaxed journey. The trail offers an enjoyable ride amid lush plant life and prolific wildlife. (*1*)



   This 13-mile trail is prized for its picturesque view of Stonyford Valley and broad grassy areas perfect for lunch breaks. Grindstone makes for an idyllic horseback riding experience. (*2*)



   Running parallel to serene Mill Creek, this trail offers a 4-mile journey into nature that provides riders a healthy dose of Mother Earth. Its overall gentle terrain is ideal for those seeking a less strenuous ride. (*3*)



  At 6 miles, the Hetch Hetchy trail serves as a tribute to the forest's remarkable biodiversity. It offers a mix of terrains, presenting a bit of a challenge while remaining highly enjoyable for both rider and horse. (*4*)



   Laid out over 1.5 miles, Courtney Trail is perfect for scenic afternoon rides. Open meadows, tall pines, and gentle inclines make this trail a must for those seeking quietude. (*5*)



   In its 5-mile span, the Deer Creek Trail gives riders the opportunity to admire vast forests, open grasslands, and stunning vistas of the lake below. (*2*)



   This three-mile trail features one of the forest's highlights: a glorious view of Salmon Creek Falls. Come springtime, blooming wildflowers make this trail an even more delightful trek. (*5*)



   Buckhorn is a versatile trail catering to horse riders and offering fantastic far-reaching views over the sprawling landscape. The 4.5-mile track sees moderately rugged terrain which keeps the ride exciting. (*6*)


Remember, these trails ask riders to respect the law, maintain the peace, and help preserve the beauty of the environment. 


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