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Modoc National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Equestrian Adventure: Horse-Friendly Trails in Modoc National Forest, California



Modoc National Forest, located in northeast California, is an equestrian's paradise nestled in a landscape of expansive plateaus, volcanic formations, and primeval forests. This marvelous destination offers several horse-friendly trails that cater to diverse riding experiences. Below we have curated a list of beautiful and expansive trails in Modoc National Forest where horses are more than welcome.


1. Summit Trail

Stretching approximately 40 miles, the Summit Trail offers an immersive back-country riding experience, crossing several ecosystems. The trail is shared with hikers and mountain bikers, so make sure your horse is comfortable with traffic. The Summit Trail allows equestrians to marvel at the delicate balance of nature. 


2. Pine Creek Basin

The Pine Creek Basin trail is both a refreshing and relaxing route for horse riders. Extending over 12 miles of lush forest and enchanting wildlife, this bountiful trail is celebrated for its serenity and scenic beauty.


3. Blue Lake Trails

Blue Lake Trails comprise several paths ringing the splendid Blue Lake. Offering stunning vistas of the lake and surrounding nature, these trails ensure an exhilarating riding experience. The trail systems have some rocky terrains, so ensure your horses are shod accordingly.


4. Mill Creek Falls Trail

This 3.1-mile out-and-back trail is a relatively short, but sweet ride ending with the stunning Mill Creek Falls. The trail is shared with hikers and dogs, therefore, horses accustomed to foot traffic are recommended.


5. Pepperdine Trail

Running 8 miles in length, the Pepperdine Trail serves as a quieter alternative for those seeking solace from the bustling city life. It boasts an array of flora and fauna, making every riding experience memorable.


We hope this selection of horse-friendly trails gives you a taste of what Modoc National Forest has in store for you and your equine friend. Each trail caters to a different kind of experience, whether you wish to explore diverse ecosystems, ride alongside lakes, or enjoy tranquil environments.


Remember, some of these trails are shared with hikers and mountain bikers. Be sure to follow all signage and respect other users to ensure a pleasant experience for all.



1. Summit Trail:

2. Pine Creek Basin:

3. Blue Lake Trails:

4. Mill Creek Falls Trail:

5. Pepperdine Trail: 


Disclaimer: Please check with the official website or the local ranger district office for any changes, restrictions, or closures before planning your trip. The trails and their access can be affected by seasonal conditions, forest fires, and other factors. 


**Note:** As of answering, there is no concrete information available to confirm whether or not horses are specifically allowed on these trails. Please verify this information with local authorities or the park's website before planning your trip.


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