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Mojave National Preserve Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Hit the Trails with Your Horse at Mojave National Preserve, California


Do you love exploring trails on horseback? Then add Mojave National Preserve to your list! Home to a diverse range of landscapes, you'll find some California’s most picturesque horse-friendly trails in this awe-inspiring preserve. So saddle up and check out these notable equestrian-friendly trails.


1. Mid Hills to Hole in the Wall Trail

Experience diverse terrains with your equine companion on this medium difficulty 8-mile trail. Starting from Mid Hills Campground, you'll pass through striking landforms and splendid Joshua-tree forests before reaching the geological marvel that is the 'Hole in the Wall.' 


2. Rings Loop Trail

Short, sweet, and perfect for a quick ride with your horse, the 1.4-mile Rings Loop Trail provides a majestic tour of the Hole-in-the-Wall area’s peculiar volcanic formations. A beautiful, immersive experience, this trail is not to be missed!


3. Barber Peak Loop Trail

At 6.5 miles long, the Barber Peak Loop Trail is a journey of discovery. Expect to cross through peaceful, scenic woodlands and experience excellent views of the Mid Hills area, all while bearing witness to the preserve's diverse vegetation and bird fauna. 


4. Teutonia Peak Trail

Saddle up on this 3.4-mile trail that winds through the continent’s largest and densest Joshua Tree forest. Teutonia Peak Trail has an easy rating, so take in the stunning vistas and mining history with every trot.


5. Kelso Dunes Trail

For equestrian adventurers keen on 360-degree views, the 2.9-mile long Kelso Dunes Trail is a dream come true. Sahara-like landscape, unique vegetation, and sublime sundowns make the trail a horse-riding bliss.


6. Marl Springs Trail

This trek is perfect for horse riders in search of a more challenging ride, prominently featuring difficult climbs and descents. The 6-miles Marl Springs Trail treks through the Mojave Desert and overlooks the stunning Marl Mountains. 


Remember, if you plan to go horseback riding on these trails, you must read and understand Mojave National Preserve's regulations regarding equestrian use of trails. Happy riding!



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