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Montgomery Bell State Park Horse Trails | Top Horse Trails
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If you are an equestrian enthusiast and love exploring the great outdoors on horseback, then Montgomery Bell State Park in Tennessee should be at the top of your list. With its picturesque landscape and well-maintained trails, this park offers some of the best horse trails in the region. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, there are trails suitable for every skill level. So saddle up and get ready to experience the beauty of nature on the best horse trails at Montgomery Bell State Park.


1. Iron Ore Track: This trail is a favorite among riders as it takes them through dense forests, showcasing the park's natural beauty. The Iron Ore Track is a 4.5-mile loop that offers a moderately challenging ride. It features scenic views of rolling hills, wildflowers, and an abundance of wildlife. Riders will also come across the historic site of an old iron ore mine, adding a touch of history to the journey.


2. Wildcat Hollow Trail: If you are up for a longer adventure, the Wildcat Hollow Trail is the way to go. Stretching over 10 miles, this trail takes riders through diverse terrain, including open fields, wooded areas, and along the peaceful shores of Lake Acorn. It offers a variety of surfaces, from gravel to soft forest floor, ensuring a thrilling ride with changing landscapes. Be prepared to spot deer and other wildlife along the way.


3. Lake Trail Loop: For those seeking a more relaxed and scenic ride, the Lake Trail Loop is a perfect choice. This trail is a 3-mile loop around the tranquil Lake Woodhaven. Riders can enjoy the peaceful ambiance of the lake while traversing the easy-to-navigate path. This trail is excellent for beginners or those who prefer a leisurely ride with breathtaking views of the surrounding water and lush greenery.


4. Yellow Springs Trail: If you are looking for a shorter ride, the 1.5-mile Yellow Springs Trail is ideal. This trail extends through a beautiful pine forest, offering a refreshing change of scenery. The path is well-marked and relatively even, making it suitable for riders of all skill levels. The trailhead is conveniently located near the campground, making it easy to access for both day-trippers and overnight visitors.


5. Nails Creek Trail: If you are up for a challenge, Nails Creek Trail will not disappoint. Stretching over seven miles, this trail offers a more rugged and adventurous experience. Riders will navigate through rocky terrain, steep ascents, and descents that will test their horsemanship skills. This trail is best suited for experienced riders who are looking for an exhilarating and physically demanding adventure.


When heading out to explore Montgomery Bell State Park's horse trails, it is crucial to adhere to park rules and guidelines. Safety should always be a top priority, so make sure to wear appropriate riding gear, including a helmet. Also, be mindful of other park users, follow trail etiquette, and do not leave any traces of your visit behind.


Montgomery Bell State Park's horse trails offer a diverse range of experiences, from leisurely rides around the lake to exhilarating climbs on rocky terrain. With their stunning natural surroundings, these trails provide the perfect backdrop for a memorable horseback riding adventure. So round up your equine partner and embark on an unforgettable equestrian journey at Montgomery Bell State Park.