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Mount Diablo State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-Friendly Trails at Mount Diablo State Park You Must Explore


Are you an equine enthusiast searching for your next trail riding adventure or seeking a dose of equine-friendly exploration? Look no further than Mount Diablo State Park in California. With numerous horse-friendly trails that offer scenic views and welcome gallant gallops, mount your noble companion and experience these trails at the green heart of California. Please note the trails listed are based on the official information from the California Department of Parks and Recreation and local riding associations.


1. **Wall Point Road**


The 4.3-mile Wall Point Road trail's rocky terrain is no match for your sturdy steed. Snaking through magnificent oak woods, the trail offers breath-taking panoramic vistas of Diablo Valley.


2. **BBQ Terrace Road**


BBQ Terrace Road is a relatively less-trodden trail, perfect if you fancy solace. Winding through wildlife-rich woods, it is a delightfully scenic 2.4 mileout-and-back trail.


3. **Eagle Peak Trail**


Known for its stunning views the horse-friendly segment of this trail is 1.79 miles long. The Eagle Peak trail allows you to take in the captivating beauty of Summit, the North Peak, and a variety of lush vegetation. 


4. **Mitchell Canyon Fire Road**


This 3.7-mile trail is not just horse-friendly, but also a popular spot among bird watchers. The verdant grass fields and large oak trees provide ample shade, making it a pleasant riding experience, especially in summers.


5. **Diablo Foothills**


Diablo Foothills offers a widespread network of horse-friendly trails. With an open, rolling terrain and wildflower displays, the Castle Rock horse trail in this area offers an unforgettable ride. Additionally, Pine Canyon Horse trail lets you enjoy the beautiful fossil reefs and magnificent sandstone formations.


Remember to respect the trail, always wear a helmet, and stay safe. Happy riding!




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Note: Be sure to check trail conditions and restrictions prior to your visit, as weather and maintenance factors can sometimes affect trail access.


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