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Mount Tamalpais State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Equestrian Wonders: Horse-Friendly Trails in Mount Tamalpais State Park, California


Planning an equestrian adventure in the heart of California's natural beauty? Mount Tamalpais State Park has several trails that are horse-friendly - a unique way to experience its scenic allure. Get your riding gear ready as we guide you through some of our favorite horse-allowed trails.


1. Dipsea Trail: 


The Dipsea Trail is a popular choice among horseback riders. Stretching over 7 miles, it treats you to breath-taking views of the Pacific Ocean, San Francisco Bay area, and expansive meadows. While it can be challenging due to its steep terrain, there are rewards, such as the sight of beautiful wildflowers during spring.


2. Old Stage Road:


Take a trip down history lane on the Old Stage Road. This 3.1-mile long trail once served as a stagecoach route. It's an easier trail for beginner riders and provides a shaded path courtesy of the surrounding redwood and fir trees. 


3. Deer Park Fire Road:


Tucked amidst towering redwood trees, the Deer Park Fire Road is a tranquil 3.4-mile long trail and an excellent choice for a quiet horseback ride. Here, relishing in the beauty of serene redwood forests is the order of the day.


4. Bootjack Trail:


Horses are welcomed on the Bootjack Trail, a 1.6 miles trail that invites riders and their equines to navigate its intriguing twists and turns amidst fern-lined canyons. Allow yourself to get lost in the magical ambience of this charismatic trail.


5. Matt Davis Trail:


Mount Tamalpais State Park’s gem, the Matt Davis Trail, is an equestrian's dream. This 6.6-mile trail boasts stunning coastal views, charming woodland scenes, waterfalls, and wildflowers. Keep your camera handy!


Kindly note that while horses are allowed on these trails, riders are expected to adhere strictly to trail regulations. Cleaning up after your horse and keeping them under control is part of ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.


Stay tuned for more updates on horse-friendly trails in Mount Tamalpais State Park and immerse yourself in the joy of equestrian adventuring. Happy trails!




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