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Natchez Trace State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Saddle Up: The Best Horse-Friendly Trails at Natchez Trace State Park


Are you looking for the perfect adventure for you and your horse? Look no further than the picturesque trails of Tennessee’s Natchez Trace State Park. The following trails have been specifically designated as horse-friendly by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation. Please remember, out of respect for wildlife and other trail users, to follow proper trail etiquette.


1. **Overnight Trail**


   At a whopping 20 miles long, the Overnight Trail is great for seasoned equestrians looking for an adventurous ride. Watch the scenery unfold as you explore this diverse landscape. When you're finished, there are stables available for overnight horse accommodations.


2. **Three Lakes Trail**


   Named after the three lakes it passes - Pin Oak Lake, Cub Lake, and Red Leaves Lake, the Three Lakes Trail spans a total of 6 miles. This is a moderately difficult trail that requires some skill, but the lakeside views make it absolutely worth the effort.


3. **Panther Creek Trail**


   If you're after a trail with plenty of water crossings, Panther Creek might just be the trail for you. This trail is a challenging 10-mile stretch that involves sloping hills and varying landscape.


4. **Red Leaves Trail**


   The Red Leaves Trail is another lengthy trail spanning around 9 miles. Perfect for riders in search of a challenge and assortment of flora, this trail meanders through hardwood forests, alongside creeks, and offers stunning views of the park.


5. **Outpost Trail**


   You'll be surrounded by beautiful Tennessee woodland on the Outpost Trail, which stretches over 7 miles. Though less challenging than some of the other trails, it's still a rewarding and engaging option for riders.


6. **Natchez Trail**


   Last, but certainly not least, is the park's namesake — the Natchez Trail. This 12-mile trail is one of the most popular and winds through a diverse array of landscapes.


Always remember to respect the trails and ensure horse waste is properly taken care of to maintain the beauty of this park. Happy riding!



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Please double check with the official websites for any possible recent changes in permitted activities or trail accessibility.


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