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Nebraska National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: A Horse Lover's Guide to Nebraska National Forest Equestrian Trails


If you're a proud horse owner seeking the thrill of a new adventure or an equine enthusiast looking to share a wild, natural experience with your four-legged friend, Nebraska National Forest has you covered. This vast expanse of nature's beauty offers a variety of horse-friendly trails with stunning views and diverse terrain. Below is a compilation of trails confirmed to allow horseback riding.


1. Bessey Ranger District Trails


These are a collection of loop trails extending over 90 miles. They wind through a beautiful blend of the forest and prairie trails. This area has been developed specifically with equestrians in mind with permit-required horse camping areas nearby, making it perfect for extended rides. Horses are allowed on all these trails.


2. Bessey Pasture Trail


This is an 8.6-mile equestrian-friendly trail that meanders through spectacular sceneries of Nebraska National Forest. Offering a peaceful and serene atmosphere, it's ideal for a calm horseback ride soaking in the beauty of nature.


3. Dismal River Trails


The Dismal River Trails stretch across 21.6 miles of Nebraska National Forest's wilderness. They provide horse riders with a thrilling experience as they traverse various landscapes, including sand dunes and a riverside ride along the Dismal River.


4. Wilderness Area Horse Trails


These trails expand to over 60 miles providing a perfect wild horseback ride full of challenges and excitement. It's especially suited for experienced riders and their horses enjoy the rugged terrain.


5. Natick Horse Trail


The Natick Horse Trail is a well-marked, 12-mile trail mostly comprised of smooth spots, making it ideal for less experienced riders or those seeking a more leisurely ride. Plus, permits are not required for horse camping on this trail.


6. Pine Ridge Trail


This trail goes on for 6.6 miles with an elevation gain of 1,367 feet. Dense pine forest, panoramic views, and occasional wildlife sightings make this trail an exciting horseback riding adventure.


7. Scott Lookout National Recreation Trail


Offering 5.7 miles of winding trails through thick woodlands and open space areas overlooking beautiful vistas of the National Forest, this trail promises an unforgettable riding experience.


Always remember, responsible riding helps maintain these wonderful trails for future horses and riders. Keep our national forest clean and respect all trail signs and restrictions. Happy trails to you and your horse!



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