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Ochoco National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Galloping through Harmony: The Horse-Friendly Trails of Ochoco National Forest


Ochoco National Forest in Oregon is a beloved destination for horse enthusiasts, offering a range of trails that cater to equestrians of various skill levels. Read on to discover the specific trails that welcome our equine companions in this breathtaking forest. Here's our curated list:


1. **Round Mountain Trail (Trail No. 805):** This 10.5-mile moderate out-and-back trail begins at the Walton Sno-Park and conveys riders through an old-growth forest. Panoramic views of the Ochoco Mountains await those who reach the summit of Round Mountain. Be prepared for a challenging climb, though!


2. **Lookout Mountain Trail (Trail No. 804):** One of the most popular trails, the 6.5-mile Lookout Mountain Trail offers rewarding views of the Mountain range and Wildcat Mountain. The trail is open to horse traffic, although it is rated as challenging due to steep inclines.


3. **Walton Lake Loop Trail (Trail No. 847):** Circumnavigating the beautiful Walton Lake, this 1.2-mile loop trail is perfect for a quick and easy horseback ride. It's idyllic and peaceful, great for beginners or a relaxed outing.


4. **Black Canyon Wilderness Loop (Trail No. 820):** Taking horse riders through distinct ecosystems and old mining sites, this rugged 17-mile loop trail promises an immersive wilderness experience. It guarantees picturesque canyon views and solitude, though it's only recommended for experienced riders due to its length and toughness.


5. **South Prong Trail (Trail No. 821):** This trail is an easy 8-mile out-and-back venture located near the small town of Paulina. It's a horse-friendly path that winds through a scented pine forest, crossing South Prong Creek, and ideal for those desiring a serene forest journey.


Each of these equine-friendly trails offers a unique riding experience set against the backdrop of Oregon’s unspoiled wilderness. To ensure a safe trip, remember to check the up-to-date trail conditions and follow proper trail etiquette. 


So saddle up and hit the trails at Ochoco National Forest for an unforgettable equestrian adventure!



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Remember: Always verify trail regulations and conditions directly with the official source before your visit.


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