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October Mountain State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Experience Horseback Riding on the Majestic Trails of October Mountain State Forest




What better way to explore the stunning October Mountain State Forest and its vibrant foliage than horseback? After extensive research, I’ve compiled the ultimate guide to horse-friendly trails in the largest state forest in Massachusetts. Whether you’re an accomplished equestrian or a beginner rider, you'll find a trail to suit your skill level on this majestic mountain.


1. Schermerhorn Road


Riders can access the scenic Massachusetts woodland via the Schermerhorn Road. Stretch your legs and your horse's too on this lightly trafficked trail that meanders next to scenic streams and imposing rock formations.


2. Felton Pond Trail


Galloping alongside the tranquil Felton Pond, you and your horse can drink in stellar views of the woodland and the Berkshire Hills beyond. The 4.8-mile trail offers stillness and serenity, making it the perfect nature trail for horse riding.


3. October Mountain to Buck Rock


Is your horse good on hills? Ride the October Mountain to Buck Rock trail. Reach atop Buck Rock for the splendid view of the surrounding area. The moderately trafficked trail stretching 15.6 miles promises abundant beauty and adventure.


4. Bridle Trail


The Bridle Trail is an excellent choice for horse riders due to its varying topography. The moderate-level trail covers just over 9 miles and presents opportunities for skilled riders to test their balance and endurance.


5. Ashley Reservoir Loop


Bask in the beauty of the Ashley Reservoir as you gallop along its banks, exploring the diverse flora and fauna that inhabit the area. The 5.2-mile loop is a favorite among local horse riders, balancing wilderness with well-maintained trails.


6. Website Brook Trail


Winding your way through hemlock, the Website Brook Trail is another horse-friendly trek. It is a 9.8-mile lightly trafficked route, making an excellent choice for those seeking a peaceful trail voyage amidst picturesque wilderness.


Remember, before heading out, it's advisable to check on current park regulations and call ahead for any seasonal guidelines to ensure a smooth and enjoyable horse ride. 




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