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Ohio: Top Horse Camps | July 2023
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Ohio is a state known for its beautiful landscapes and outdoor recreational activities. For equestrian enthusiasts, there are several top-notch campgrounds that offer the perfect combination of horse-friendly amenities and picturesque trails. Whether you are a seasoned rider or a beginner, these campgrounds cater to all levels of experience. Here are the top equestrian campgrounds in Ohio:


1. Salt Fork State Park Equestrian Campground:

Located in the heart of Eastern Ohio's picturesque Salt Fork State Park, this campground offers scenic trails and excellent facilities for horse owners. With over 20 miles of bridle paths, riders can explore the park's hilly terrain, dense forests, and tranquil lakes. The campground provides spacious horse stalls, hitching posts, and water hydrants for horses' comfort, as well as RV and tent camping options for riders. It's an ideal place to enjoy the great outdoors with your equine companions.


2. Mohican State Park - Class A Equestrian Camp:

Situated in central Ohio's Mohican State Park, this equestrian camp is a popular destination for horse enthusiasts. The Class A campground offers 25 miles of well-maintained bridle trails that wind through the park's breathtaking forests. Riders can choose from primitive and electric sites, ensuring a convenient camping experience. Additionally, the camp features horse stalls, tie posts, and water pumps, along with amenities such as showers and restrooms.


3. Zaleski State Forest - Equestrian Campground:

If you're seeking a rustic camping experience, Zaleski State Forest is the perfect choice. Located in southeastern Ohio, this equestrian campground provides riders with 50 miles of scenic trails surrounded by stunning woodlands and unique rock formations. The campground offers primitive sites with horse paddocks, fire rings, and picnic tables, allowing riders to fully immerse themselves in nature. This destination is ideal for horse owners who want to enjoy a peaceful and secluded camping experience.


4. Shawnee State Forest - Equestrian Campground:

Nestled in the picturesque hills of southern Ohio, Shawnee State Forest is a haven for equestrian enthusiasts. The campground features 75 miles of well-marked equestrian trails that traverse rolling hills, lush forests, and wildflower meadows. The equestrian campground provides primitive sites with convenient amenities, such as hitching posts, fire rings, and picnic tables. Whether you prefer a leisurely trail ride or an adventurous day exploring the forest, Shawnee State Forest is a must-visit destination.


5. Hocking Hills State Forest - Equestrian Campground:

Known for its mesmerizing waterfalls and breathtaking vistas, Hocking Hills State Forest also offers excellent equestrian facilities. With over 18 miles of equestrian trails, riders can experience the unique beauty of Ohio's iconic Hocking Hills region. The equestrian campground provides primitive sites with horse corrals, fire rings, and picnic tables. After a day on the trails, riders can unwind and explore the nearby areas, including the famous Old Man's Cave and Ash Cave.


In conclusion, Ohio is a fantastic destination for equestrian camping enthusiasts. With its diverse landscapes and well-maintained trails, these top equestrian campgrounds provide the perfect setting to enjoy horseback riding adventures. Whether you're exploring the woodlands of Salt Fork State Park, the rugged beauty of Shawnee State Forest, or the awe-inspiring sites of Hocking Hills State Forest, Ohio promises a memorable equestrian camping experience for riders of all levels.