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Okanogan National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Equestrian-Friendly Trails at Okanogan National Forest, Washington 




Desiring a unique equestrian adventure amongst serene forests, stunning mountains, and refreshing rivers? Look no further than Okanogan National Forest in Washington. Known for its wide diversity of landscapes, this national forest offers breathtaking experiences for you and your trail horse. Check out this list of verified horse-friendly trails that allow you to explore the exquisite beauty and adventure that Okanogan National Forest provides. 


1. **Pasayten Wilderness Trails**


The Pasayten Wilderness, part of the Okanogan National Forest, boasts over 600 miles of trail, many of which allow horses. The Boundary Trail, a major route in the Pasayten Wilderness, is open to horses, offering over 80 miles of scenic views from Horseshoe Basin to the Ashnola River headwaters^1^.


2. **Andrews Creek Trail**


The Andrews Creek Trail, which intersects the Boundary Trail, allows horses over its 12 miles. Bring your steed and traverse alongside a picturesque river, pass through meadow and forest, and ascend the high country for a rewarding view^2^.


3. **Eightmile Loop Trail**


The Eightmile Loop Trail welcomes equestrians on its 6.2-mile journey. Enjoy the wide, fast running creek along the way and dried horse feed at campgrounds. A moderately difficult trail, ensure your horse is conditioned for foothill terrain^3^.


4. **Thirtymile Trail** 


This 16.7-mile trail mostly follows the Chewuch River through beautiful valley bottoms. It is a heavily trafficked trail that allows horses, making it popular among horseback riders for outdoor activities^3^.


Please note that the Okanogan National Forest expects all horse riders to follow specific guidelines to maintain trail integrity. Prior to visiting with your horse, review the rules and regulations on the USDA Forest Service's website. 




For a memorable equestrian trip, Okanogan National Forest in Washington provides diverse, scenic trails. Whether it’s long, adventurous journeys through wilderness areas or shorter, calming routes alongside rivers, the forest provides horse-friendly trails that cater to every rider's preference. 




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