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Olympic National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: An Equestrian's Guide to Horse-Friendly Trails in Olympic National Forest


Are you an equestrian enthusiast looking for a new adventure? Look no further. Olympic National Forest, in the beautiful state of Washington, is a horseback rider's paradise. This majestic park offers several horse-friendly trails for you to explore. In this blog, we explore specifically those trails that warmly welcome your equine friends.


1. **Lower Big Quilcene—Trail #833.1**

   The Lower Big Quilcene trail spans over 9 miles, making it perfect for experienced riders. Revel in the grandeur of tall Douglas firs and the tempting fragrance of cedar trees as you trot along this trail. Find more details here - Trail Link(


2. **Upper Dungeness Trail #833.2**

   About 6 miles long, this trail offers breathtaking views. Here, horse riders can experience the tranquil sound of the Dungeness River and lush, ancient forests. Find more details here - Trail Link(


3. **Heather Park Trail #834**

   The Heather Park Trail motivates riders with scenic views of nearby mountains and valleys. This 8-mile route offers a challenge for more skilled horse riders. Be sure to visit during spring for a colorful array of wildflowers. Find more details here - Trail Link(


4. **Slab Camp Trail #838**

   At 4.2 miles, Slab trail’s dense forests and serene meadows make for a fantastic backdrop for your horse ride. Find more details here - Trail Link(


5. **Upper Big Quilcene Trail #833**

   At 13.2 miles, with a gradual ascent that most horses can handle, this trail provides an opportunity for an extended day trip or overnight excursion. Visitors can enjoy covered fir landscapes and river views. Find more details here - Trail Link(


6. **Royal Creek Trail #832**

   This 8.4-mile trail winds through Olympic National Forest, offering amazing views of Royal Basin, Mount Deception, and a number of other peaks. Riders will love the views and the feeling of tranquility on this trail. Find more details here - Trail Link(


Remember to respect all park rules and regulations to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride for you, your horse, and fellow nature enthusiasts. Happy riding!



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