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Oregon Horse Camps | Equestrian Campgrounds in Oregon
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Explore the most popular horse camps in Oregon with this helpful list of equestrian campgrounds.  Each camp page includes maps, reservation information, nearby horse trails, and more!

Herman Creek Horse Campground

Currier Spring

Silver Creek Marsh Campground


Gypsy Rest

Little Creek Ranch

Willowspring Farm

Eastern Slope Ranch

DeCourcey Ranch Horse Bed & Breakfast

Territorial Farm Stay and Stable

Strawberry Hill Stables

Hat J Performance Horses and Boarding

Historic Kirchem Farm


Triple Crown Farms

Diamond G Horse Motel

Hood River Saddle Club

Bullards Beach State Park

Wild Mare Horse Camp

Dry Lake Horse Camp

Oak Flat

Nehalem Bay State Park

Nehalem Bay

Sam Brown Horse Camp

Triangle Lake Horse Camp

Lake Selmac Horse Camp

Lake Selmac

Northrup Creek

Stagecoach Horse Camp

North Fork

Mildred Kanipe Horse Camp

Hares Canyon Horse Camp

Willamette Mission State Park

Crowley Ranch

Lily Glen

Santiam Horse Camp

Doe Point

Bessie Shelter Horse Camp

Fourmile Lake

Sevenmile Horse Camp

Cold Springs Trailhead

Horse Creek

Sevenmile Marsh Equestrian Trailhead

South Pyramid Horse camp

Whitefish Horse Camp

Collier Memorial State Park

Lost Lake Horse Camp

Quin Meadow Horse Camp

Todd Creek Horse Camp

Whispering Pine Horse Camp

Sisters Cow Horse Camp

Sheep Springs Horse Camp

Bonney Meadow

Gibson Prairie Horse Camp

Bonney Crossing

Chief Paulina Horse Camp

Swamp Wells Horse Camp

Trail Crossing Corrals Trailhead

Gerber Horse Camp

Cyrus Horse Camp

Grey Butte Trailhead


Lower Skull Hollow Boondocking

Farm Wells horse camp

Currier Springs Horse Camp

Chewaucan Crossing

Marks Creek

Moss Meadows Horse Camp

Spring Basin

Canyon Creek

Crystal Creek Boondocking

Priest Hole Recreation Area

Salters Cabin Horse camp

Post Meadows

Mud Springs Horse Camp

Oregon Mine

Joaquin Miller Horse Camp

Table Mountain Trailhead

Pendleton Roundup

Buckhorn Meadows Trailhead

Slide Horse Camp

North Fork John Day Horse Camp


Moss Springs

Boundary Camp

West Eagle Meadow

Irondyke Forest Camp

Indian Crossing Trailhead

PO Saddle Trailhead

Buck Creek NRA Trailhead

Warnock Corrals Trailhead

Cottonwood Campground

Applegate Lake

Malheur County Fairgrounds

Emigrant Springs

Corncob Ranch

Graham Corral Horse Camp

Clackamas Lake

Big Meadows Horse Camp

Box Canyon Horse Camp

Reehers Camp

Northrup Creek Horse Camp

Horse Creek Campground

Cape Blanco State Park

Harralson Horse Camp

Dry Creek Horse Camp

Boulder Park Campground

Willow Prairie Horse Camp

Umatilla Rim Trail

Two Pan Trailhead

Three Creek Meadow Campground & Horsecamp

South Steens Campground

Slide Creek Campground

Sisters Cow Camp

Silver Creek Marsh Developed Campground

Sam Brown Horse Campground

Riley Horse Camp

Oregon Outback

L.L. Stub Stewart State Park

Knebal Springs Campground

Kelsay Valley Campground

Hyatt Lake Recreation Area

Hurricane Creek Trailhead

Howlock Mountain Trailhead

Howard Creek Horse Camp

Giddy-up Go Trailhead

Fourmile Lake Campground

Cultus Corral Horse Camp

Crystal Creek Dispersed Camping

Cottonwood Canyon State Park

Coal Mine Hill Horse Camp

Camp Wilkerson

Benton Oaks RV Park

Baker Beach Campground

Allen Creek Horse Camp (MO)