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Patapsco State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-Friendly Trails at Patapsco State Park, Maryland 


Patapsco Valley State Park in Maryland, with its extensive network of trails, offers the perfect scenic location for horseback riding. However, not all trails are designed to accommodate our equine friends. Here we will explore the specific trails at Patapsco State Park that permit horses. These trails have been specifically curated considering the safety of both riders and horses, creating an exciting and memorable outdoor experience. 


1. **McKeldin Area:** You can ride your horses through over 15 miles of trails in the McKeldin area. These trails are combined use, perfect for hikers, mountain cyclists, and horse riders. You can take your horse for a swift run or a gentle walk through the woods. 


2. **Woodstock Area:** Horses are permitted in the Woodstock Area where equestrians can explore unique natural landscapes and scenic paths at a relaxed pace.


3. **Grist Mill Trail:** Open to horses, this trail provides a picturesque setting and calming atmosphere for an unforgettable horseback ride. 


4. **Old Main Line Trail:** This trail allows horses, providing the perfect excursion for equestrian explorers. This trail draws numerous horse riders each year due to the unique backdrop of the Patapsco River and its share of history.


5. **Plantation Trail:** The Plantation Trail is horse-friendly and extends for about 2 miles. It provides a shaded and scenic riding area that allows you to connect with nature on your horseback ride.


6. **Alberton Road Trail:** This is another key trail in Patapsco Valley State Park that allows horses. It offers diverse environments and terrain to experience while horseback riding. 


Riding a horse through these scenic and adventurous trails at Patapsco State Park is unforgettable. Please remember to respect and follow the trail guidelines to ensure the park remains a friendly place for equestrians. 


With comprehensive maps and clear trail markers, you and your horse are set for an exciting adventure. So saddle up and create some memories in the glorious beauty of Patapsco Valley State Park.




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