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Pedernales Falls State Park Horse Trails | Dec 2023 | Top Horse Trails
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After thorough research on the official Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website and other reliable sources, it is clear that equestrian activities are allowed in Pedernales Falls State Park, specifically on the South Loop Equestrian Trail. 


1. South Loop Equestrian Trail: The South Loop Equestrian Trail is the main trail designated for horse-riding in Pedernales Falls State Park. This trail is approximately 10 miles long, offering a varied topography and scenery for riders. It's highly recommended due to its scenic appeal and sizeable distance. Please remember to bring your own water as there is no potable water available.


It appears that this is the only specified horse-friendly trail in the park, but horseback riding is expected to adhere to certain rules. Horses are only permitted on the designated South Loop Equestrian Trail, and not all facilities or areas within the state park are equine-accessible. Horseback riders, please ensure to consult the most up-to-date guide and info about the park rules and the South Loop Equestrian Trail before riding.


The equestrian trail has its own specially designated parking lot. Therefore, hauling in your horse will not pose a problem. Riders are urged to follow all safety guidelines and to keep the trails clean for all users. 


The contact number for Pedernales Falls State Park is (830) 868-7304, should you have specific questions or need further information about bringing your horse to the park.


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