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Pigeon River State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Stampeding Trails: Horse-Friendly Trails at Pigeon River State Forest, Michigan 


Do you love exploring new trails with your loyal, four-legged friend? Well, get ready to saddle up for some fantastic trails at Pigeon River State Forest in Michigan! This blog post will guide you through a selection of specific trails that are horse-friendly. Here’s a compiled list of paths that permit equestrians to join in the fun.


1. **High Country Pathway**: High Country Pathway is a multiuse trail that is 80-miles long. While some hikers might be daunted by the distance, for horse riders, it’s a dream come true. The trail passes through a varied landscape of hardwood forests, rivers, and marshes, delivering an unforgettable riding experience.


2. **Pickerel Lake Pathway**: With a total of 20 miles, this multiuse trail includes four loops and offers horse-friendly paths mainly skirting Pickerel Lake. With beautiful vistas and an abundance of wildlife, this is an excellent trail for a serene ride with your horse. 


3. **Shingle Mill Pathway**: This 14-mile trail is also welcoming to horse riders. Shingle Mill Pathway winds through scenic hardwoods and pines, offering lovely views throughout the year. The path connects to High Country Pathway, providing the option for a longer trail ride if desired.


4. **Green Timbers Pathway**: Located in the southeastern part of the state forest, the Green Timbers Pathway is a 7.9-mile trail that primarily attracts horse riders due to its lush greenery and open fields. 


5. **Pigeon River Country Equestrian Trail - West Trailhead to East Trailhead**: This point-to-point trail trumps others with a whopping 97.3-mile ride, mostly flat trail. An excellent option for those who wish for long, uninterrupted rides with their equine partners. 


These trails provide an opportunity to appreciate Pigeon River State Forest's unique and diverse landscapes and perhaps see some of the elk population that calls this beautiful area home. Before hitting the path with your horse, remember to abide by all the rules mentioned on the trailheads to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride. 


Always remember to respect the environment, other trail users, and most importantly, take care of your horse. Happy riding, fellow equestrians!




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*Please note, despite these resources, actual rules and trail access can change. We advise you to check the latest updates before embarking on your trip.*



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