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Pike National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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After conducting thorough research from official and reliable resources, I found several trails in Pike National Forest where horses are permitted. Here's a list of these horse-friendly trails:


1. Buffalo Creek Recreation Area Trail System: This diverse trail system offers challenging rides and beautiful scenery. According to the USDA Forest Service, it specifically states that horses are allowed, making it a great spot for equestrians.


2. Indian Creek Equestrian Campground: This campground isn't just a horse-accessible trail but is a thrilling destination for horse camping as well. Horse riders can enjoy superb riding opportunities on two trails, the Ringtail Trail and Indian Creek Trail.


3. Wigwam Trail: USDA Forest Service official site confirms that horses are welcome on this trail. It's an ideal trail for horse riding due to its considerable length and loop around Lost Creek Wilderness.


4. Goose Creek Trail: Another trail where horses are allowed according to USDA Forest Service. The trail provides riders with amazing views of geological formations, historical sites, and diverse wildlife.


5. Rolling Creek Trail: This trail provides fantastic horse riding opportunities, with designated horse campsites located nearby. Its terrain is suitable for horses, making it extremely popular among riding enthusiasts.


6. Brookside-McCurdy Trail: This trail is long and sometimes rugged, but its beauty makes it worthwhile. Horses are specifically permitted, according to the USDA Forest Service.


7. Ben Tyler Trail: Offering beautiful views of meadows and aspen forests, this trail is horse-friendly, according to local trail maps and the USDA Forest Service.


8. Lizard Rock Trail: Listed on the USDA Forest Service website as horse-accessible, Lizard Rock Trail offers several loop options for riders to enjoy.


Each of these horse-accessible trails offers a unique experience, with various terrains, wildlife, and geological features. They prove that Pike National Forest is a fantastic destination for horseback riding, providing a blend of beauty and adventure to make unforgettable riding experiences.


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