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Pocomoke State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-Friendly Trails in Pocomoke State Forest


If you're looking for a stunning destination to explore on horseback in Maryland, Pocomoke State Forest boasts an assortment of routes specifically designated for equestrians. From scenic wooded trails to those that traverse alongside beautiful bodies of water, discover the top trails in Pocomoke State Forest that welcome horses.


1. Chandler Tract Forest Trails


The Chandler Tract Trails are nestled within the heart of the Pocomoke Forest. Known for its breathtaking forest views, the trail system comprises of two routes-the Red Trail and the White Trail. Both of these pathways are suitable for horseback riding, offering a tranquil journey across flat terrains.


2. Nassawango Horse Trail


Galloping along the Nassawango Horse Trail is a beautiful way to experience the majestic settings of Maryland. This 4.5-mile trail is a bridle path, meaning it’s specifically designed for horses, offering a safe and enjoyable ride for both novices and seasoned equestrians. 


3. Shad Landing Horse Trails


Located in the Shad Landing area, these trails offer an extensive network of routes for horseback riding. Explore Maryland's rich flora and fauna as you ride along these beautifully maintained trails. They provide ample space for riders to retreat into nature and enjoy a peaceful ride. 


4. Cedar Hall Wharf area Trails


In the Cedar Hall Wharf area, there are several horse-friendly trails. These trails are indeed a hidden gem, featuring views of scenic waterways and lush forestland. Offering moderate difficulty, these trails are perfect for those seeking a bit of an adventure on horseback.


Before accessing these trails, check for any restrictions's information or permit requirements. And always remember, when you’re riding through these beautiful areas, be sure to respect the environment and follow the leave no trace principle.



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Please note that access to specific trails can change due to maintenance or safety issues, so always check with Pocomoke State Forest management before planning your trail ride.


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