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Discover Untamed Beauty at Ponderosa Campground in Colorado
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Ponderosa Campground in Colorado | Top Horse Trails

At the rugged northwest end of the Soap Creek Arm of Blue Mesa Reservoir in Colorado, you'll find Ponderosa Campground. This hidden gem beckons nature enthusiasts, adventurers, and horseback riders to embrace the great outdoors. This picturesque haven celebrates the untamed, a place where the spirit of the wilderness thrives.

Navigating to Ponderosa Campground

To embark on your journey to Ponderosa Campground, head west on U.S. Highway 50 and follow the winding path until you reach Colorado Highway 92. Continue onward, past the magnificent Blue Mesa Dam, until you spot the inviting Soap Creek Road. Here, you'll venture 7 miles north on this gravel road that winds its way through awe-inspiring landscapes.

The Perfect Home in the Wilderness

Ponderosa Campground is an embodiment of simplicity and rugged charm. It's a place where nature thrives and the wilderness is respected. Here, those seeking a rustic retreat can find solace. The campground can accommodate both tent campers and those with medium-sized RVs, although it's essential to note that all sites operate on a first-come, first-served basis. In the midst of this wilderness, you'll uncover a true sense of adventure and a connection to the great outdoors.

Weathering the Elements

The Soap Creek Road might be affected by rain, rendering it hazardous or even impassable for trailers and RVs. It's essential to stay informed about the weather conditions, especially if you're planning to bring a larger vehicle to this remarkable destination.

Essentials for a Comfortable Stay

Ponderosa Campground provides vital amenities to make your stay enjoyable while ensuring you're still deeply connected to nature. During the season, you can find a reliable source of potable water and take advantage of trash and recycling collection services. The restrooms are of the vault-type variety, offering necessary facilities in the midst of the wilderness.

Equestrian Enchantment at Ponderosa

One of the unique features of Ponderosa Campground is its horse corral located in the upper loop. This amenity caters to equestrians, offering secure facilities for your faithful companions. Horse enthusiasts can relish the unparalleled experience of exploring the trails in the company of their equine friends, forging a bond with the wilderness that's difficult to replicate.

As you venture to Ponderosa Campground, remember that it is a place where the raw beauty of the Colorado wilderness reveals itself. The landscape, the reservoir, and the rugged charm of the campsite will leave a lasting impression on your heart. Whether you're a dedicated horseback rider or an adventurer seeking a serene escape, Ponderosa Campground is a place where nature reigns supreme, offering a world of unspoiled beauty for you to explore.



Ponderosa Campground is located at the northwest end of the Soap Creek Arm of Blue Mesa Reservoir. From U.S. Highway 50, follow CO Highway 92 1/2 mile past Blue Mesa Dam to Soap Creek Road. Proceed 7 miles north on the gravel Soap Creek Road.


Ponderosa Campground offers the following facilities and amenities:

  • Vault toilets
  • Tables
  • Fire grates
  • Horse corral
  • Tent & RV sites


Cost Details:

  • $16.00 per night ($8.00 per night with Interagency Senior/Access Pass)



  • All sites are first-come, first-served.
  • Rain can make the Soap Creek Road hazardous or impassable for trailers and RVs.
  • Open Dates: May to November
  • Water availability: mid-May to mid-September


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Ponderosa Campground does require reservations for overnight accommodations. Please visit their page here on Top Horse Trails - Ponderosa Campground for more information