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Pony Express National Historic Trail Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Equestrian-Friendly Trails on Missouri's Pony Express National Historic Trail


Are you a horseback riding enthusiast with a sense of history? If so, the Pony Express National Historic Trail in Missouri is renowned for its beautiful scenery and its rich history. Tracing the path of the legendary Pony Express mail service of the 1860s, the trail offers plenty of horse-friendly routes. In this article, we'll list the horse-permitted trails for your next historical equestrian adventure!


1. **St. Joseph Trailhead:**

The trail begins at the Patee House Museum in St. Joseph, Missouri, once the Pony Express’s official headquarters. From here, equestrians are allowed on city streets following the commemorative Pony Express plaques — a truly novel urban horse riding experience!


2. **Patee House to Hollenberg Station:**

This section of trail allows horses and extends from St. Joseph to Hanover, Kansas. You'll steadily follow the well-marked route across Missouri into Kansas. Expect a mix of roadway and off-road trail riding.


3. **Rock Creek Station:**

Rock Creek Station near Fairbury, Nebraska, is a state historical park where equestrian use is allowed on designated trails. Enjoy meandering paths through wooded landscapes and wildflower meadows.


(Note: This trail list is according to the National Park Service and may be subject to change. You should always consult park authorities and local regulations, and get the appropriate permissions when you plan your ride.)


Now that you have your horse-ready route list at Pony Express National Historic Trail in Missouri, it’s time to pack up the saddle, bring your sense of adventure and hit the trail!



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**Please note:**

Before you plan your visit, make sure to check for up-to-date information on trail closures, restrictions, and any other relevant updates on the trail's official website or local park authorities. Furthermore, always respect the trail, historical sites, and follow the Leave No Trace principles.


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