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Prescott National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-Friendly Trails in Arizona's Prescott National Forest


If you're a horse riding enthusiast and are looking for a new favorite trail amongst Arizona's beautiful vistas, look no further than the Prescott National Forest. The Forest is unique in having several trails that allow horses, providing riders with fantastic terrain and diverse landscapes to explore. Here's a list of some horse-friendly trails in Prescott National Forest that you need to try.


1. **Groom Creek Loop Trail (Trail #307)**

The Groom Creek Loop is a challenging but rewarding 9.2-mile trail. You and your horse can climb to an elevation of 7,600 feet and experience exceptional views of southern Prescott National Forest and beyond. You might even spot some wildlife on this high-elevation journey. 


2. **Thumb Butte Trail (Trail #33)**

An iconic feature of the town of Prescott, the Thumb Butte Trail is a 2-mile ascent with stunning panoramic views at the top. Horses are allowed on most parts of the trail, but it's advised that riders dismount due to the steep and rocky sections near the top. 


3. **Granite Mountain Trail (Trail #261)**

Climbing the jagged terrain of Granite Mountain, this 8.5-mile round-trip trail offers spectacular views of northern Prescott National Forest. Horses are welcome, and the way is marked by a well-maintained trail and information signs.


4. **Peavine Trail (Trail #89)**

The scenic Peavine Trail follows a part of the old Santa Fe, Prescott, and Phoenix Railway. At a gentle grade, it's appropriate for riders of all experience levels. You and your horse can enjoy a remarkable journey along a 5.5-mile historical route.  


5. **Spruce Mountain Trail (Trail #307)**

This varied 8.6-mile circuit will take you to a fire lookout tower at the 7,693-foot peak of Spruce Mountain. Timbered hills, granite boulders, and expansive views await you and your horse on this rewarding trail. 


So saddle up, and experience Prescott National Forest from a unique perspective. Make sure to check the trail conditions and pack your essentials before embarking on your horse riding adventures. Happy riding!



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