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Ray Roberts Lake State Park Horse Trails | Top Horse Trails
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After thorough online research from official sources, specifically the Texas Parks and Wildlife website, here are the verified trails in Ray Roberts Lake State Park that allow horses:


1. **Greenbelt Corridor:** This is a huge 20 mile multi-trail starting from Ray Roberts Lake State Park and extending all the way to Lewisville Lake. Here, equestrians can enjoy a long, serene ride exploring the biodiversity of the park.


2. **Randy Bell Scenic Trail:** This 10-mile trail offers stunning water views and a variety of terrains for both the rider and the horse to enjoy. It's a perfect blend of trail riding, meadows, wetlands and forest areas.


3. **Isle du Bois Unit Bridle Path:** This trail is about 12 miles long, and it includes a loop trail that takes you alongside the lake, offering breathtaking views. A favorite among horse riding enthusiasts.


4. **Johnson Branch Unit Multi-use Trail:** This trail, about 10 miles long, is open for horses. It goes through wooded areas with plenty of shaded spots. It offers a serene riding experience, away from the hustle and bustle.


It is important to note that the park requires a negative Coggins test for horses entering the park. This protects the health of all horses in the park by ensuring no horse is carrying Equine Infectious Anemia. 


Check the park's rules and regulations before planning your horse-riding adventure. Happy riding!



Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Official Website.


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