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Routt National Forest Horse Trails | Top Horse Trails
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Routt National Forest, nestled in the stunning Rocky Mountains of northwest Colorado, is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Spanning over 1.1 million acres, this vast forest offers a plethora of activities including hiking, camping, and horseback riding. Amongst its numerous attractions, the horse trails at Routt National Forest stand out as some of the best in the region. Here, riders can embark on unforgettable adventures, immersing themselves in the pristine wilderness while forging unforgettable bonds with their equine companions.


With a seemingly endless network of trails, it can be challenging to choose the best ones for horseback riding. However, a few outstanding horse trails certainly should not be missed. Let's explore some of these must-ride routes.


One of the most popular horse trails in Routt National Forest is the Mad Creek Loop. Located near Steamboat Springs, this 8.3-mile loop is perfect for riders of all skill levels. Meandering through lush meadows and vibrant aspen groves, this trail offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. Riders can also enjoy the tranquil sounds of the nearby Mad Creek as they make their way through this stunning landscape.


For those seeking a longer ride, the Hinman Park Trail is a fantastic option. This 18-mile, out-and-back trail leads riders to the picturesque Hinman Lake. As they traverse through alpine meadows and dense pine forests, riders are rewarded with panoramic views of the picturesque Flattop Wilderness. The unspoiled beauty of this trail is awe-inspiring, making it a favorite among seasoned riders.


Another gem within Routt National Forest is the Saddle Mountain Trail. This scenic route offers an invigorating 12-mile ride that rewards horseback riders with jaw-dropping vistas of the surrounding peaks. The trail winds its way up through open meadows and dense forests, offering glimpses of wildlife and serene alpine lakes. The challenging terrain of this trail makes it ideal for experienced riders looking for a thrilling adventure.


For a shorter yet equally satisfying ride, the Trappers Lake Trail offers a 4.1-mile loop that showcases the mesmerizing Trappers Lake. Often referred to as the "Cradle of Wilderness," this area remains largely untouched and holds a special place in the heart of nature enthusiasts. The trail follows the lake's shoreline, offering riders an opportunity to take in the grandeur of the surrounding cliffs and reflect on the pristine beauty of this unique landscape.


Whichever trail riders choose, it's important to remember that horseback riding in such delicate ecosystems requires responsible stewardship. Always follow trail regulations, pack out all trash, and respect wildlife and vegetation. Routt National Forest is a treasure that should be cherished and preserved for future generations of riders.


When planning a horseback riding trip to Routt National Forest, it's advisable to contact the local ranger station or visitor center to gather up-to-date information on trail conditions and any required permits. They can also provide valuable insights into lesser-known trails that may suit individual preferences.


Routt National Forest undoubtedly offers some of the best horse trails in Colorado. Its incredible diversity in landscapes, breathtaking views, and well-maintained trails make it a dream destination for horseback riding enthusiasts. So, saddle up and discover the wonders of Routt National Forest – an equestrian paradise at the heart of the Rocky Mountains.