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Saratoga Spa State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: 5 Horse-Friendly Trails at Saratoga Spa State Park


If you're in search of adventure alongside your horse, Saratoga Spa State Park in New York should be on your bucket list. As a horse-owner, it's important to know your options. So, let's canter into the list of trails that welcome horses.


1. Gideon Putnam Biking Loop 


This 2-mile trail caters to outdoor enthusiasts including equestrians. Named after the founder of Saratoga Springs, this trail has a relatively flat surface that is perfect for a casual ride with your horse. Enjoy the serene beauty of this lush landscape and have a relaxing afternoon.


2. Creek Road


At approximately 1.5 miles long, Creek Road doubles as both a quiet road and a nifty equestrian trail. It curves gracefully along Geyser Creek, offering riders an opportunity to soak in the natural surroundings. This trail is a must-visit for those who love to ride in tranquil settings.


3. South Bog Loop


South Bog Loop extends for 2.4 miles and passes through a mix of forested sections, open fields, and wetland areas. Clear markers along the trail allow for easy navigation. Horses are permitted on South Bog Loop, so you can gallop on surreal landscapes and soak in the beautiful surroundings that the park has to offer.


4. Columbia Pavilion to Geyser Loop


The trail from the Columbia Pavilion to the Geyser Loop is a short but scenic 1.2-mile route. Although it's a multiuse trail, it is widely used by horse riders. Along this trail, you'll get to see some of the park's famous mineral springs for which Saratoga is famous.


5. North South Road


The 1.7-mile North South Road trail not only allows horses but also provides a refreshing nature encounter. With vistas of towering trees and the park's natural beauty, this trail promises an unforgettable riding experience.


Each of these trails welcomes horses, allowing riders a chance to connect with nature while enjoying an equestrian adventure. Remember to respect the rules and guidelines so everyone can enjoy these splendid trails.


Always check with the park or a ranger about current conditions and any specific advisories.




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