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Shalimar Farm: Where Mountain Tranquility Meets Equestrian Adventure
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Shalimar Farm Horse Camp in West Virginia | Top Horse Trails

In the heart of the Monongahela National Forest, near Cass, West Virginia, lies a hidden gem that beckons to adventurers, horse riders, and nature enthusiasts alike. Shalimar Farm, a sprawling 700-acre working farm, is not just a destination; it's an experience of serenity, surrounded by the natural beauty of Back Allegheny Mountain.

A Mountain Paradise for Over Four Decades

For more than 40 years, Shalimar Farm has stood as a haven for those seeking respite from the noise and hustle of urban life. This enchanting retreat has welcomed hikers, campers, birdwatchers, train enthusiasts, stargazers, and, above all, horse lovers. It's a place where you can breathe in the crisp mountain air, revel in the silence of the wilderness, and forge lasting connections with nature.

Explore Your Love for the Outdoors

Shalimar Farm offers a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you're an avid hiker, a passionate camper, or simply someone who enjoys being surrounded by the majesty of nature, Shalimar Farm has something extraordinary to offer. The farm is crisscrossed with miles of private, meticulously groomed trails that wind through fields, forests, mountains, and valleys.

But that's not all; Shalimar Farm also provides direct access to the Monongahela National Forest, an expansive wilderness that invites you to explore its secrets. Whether you're hiking along pristine trails, observing the diverse birdlife, or simply stargazing under the vast West Virginia sky, every moment spent here is a connection with the great outdoors.

Accommodations Designed for Adventure

Shalimar Farm understands that adventure doesn't mean sacrificing comfort. Their cabins and campsites are thoughtfully designed to provide accommodations not just for you but for your equine companions as well. The entire farm is seamlessly connected to the Shalimar trail system, ensuring that you can embark on your mountain adventure right from your doorstep.

Meet the Cabins: Your Home Away from Home

Shalimar Farm boasts a range of accommodations, each offering a unique experience. For those seeking privacy amid the woods, "Blake" is the ultimate secluded cabin. "Abbey," on the other hand, offers breathtaking views and all the creature comforts of home. The "12th Century Getaway Welsh Cottage" is an ideal choice for those who crave spectacular views and utmost privacy.

A Home for Horses

For more than four decades, Shalimar Farm has been home to a diverse equine family, from boarders to their own cherished horses. The farm has cultivated an atmosphere of relaxation for both horses and riders alike. It's a place where the bond between humans and horses is celebrated and nurtured, making it a true haven for equestrian enthusiasts.

A Private Mountain Retreat Awaits You

At Shalimar Farm, privacy and spectacular scenery are more than amenities; they're a way of life. Whether you're hiking through the pristine wilderness, sharing quiet moments with your horse, or simply unwinding amidst the tranquility of the mountains, Shalimar Farm is your ticket to the perfect escape.

Escape the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary, and discover the serene beauty of Shalimar Farm. Here, in the embrace of West Virginia's wild heart, you'll find not just a destination but a sanctuary, a place where adventure meets tranquility, and where nature's beauty surrounds you at every turn.


Shalimar Farm offers the following facilities and amenities:

  • Tack sheds
  • Miles of well-maintained, marked trails
  • A 72’ x 135’ covered arena
  • Obstacle course
  • Pastures
  • Run-in sheds
  • Fencing
  • Water & electric power
  • Paddocks
  • Cabins
  • Charcoal grill
  • Picnic table



  • Horses are required to have current vaccinations for influenza, tetanus and encephalomyelitis in addition to a negative Coggins test within the past twelve months.
  • Rabies vaccinations are required along with the routine shots. Before unloading, guests will provide proof of vaccines and current (one year) Coggins test.
  • Deer flies can be a problem so bring fly spray.
  • Riders are required to wear approved safety helmets when mounted on a horse. Riders are also required to read and sign a waiver upon arrival as per insurance company policy.
  • No children under twelve. No pets unless prior arrangements have been approved by Shalimar.
  • Alcoholic beverages, in moderation, are permitted only in the cabins.


Cost Details:

  • Campground rates are $75 a night per site.
  • Rates for campsites adjoining cabins: A reduced rate of $50/night for up to 5 people, $75/night for more than 5 people -- noting that Shalimar sets a limit of no more than 8 guests on the farm at any one time.
  • Abbey Cabin -  2-night minimum / 2 guests, $200/night / 3 guests, $250/night / 4 guests, $300/night
  • Blake Log Cabin - 2-night minimum / 2 guests, $150/night / 3 guests, $200/night / 4 guests, $250/night
  • Welsh Cottage - 1 or 2 guests, $100/night (2-night minimum)



  • Cell phones do not work in this area.
  • All campsite reservations are subject to 6% sales tax and 6% county lodging tax
  • For reservations and questions, contact Traci Hickson at 1-304-456-4553


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Shalimar Farm does require reservations for overnight accommodations. Please visit their page here on Top Horse Trails - Shalimar Farm for more information